Good Morning!

If i start driving now i just might make it! Lol. Someday tho I might make it out that way, the wife has a good friend in Bozeman.
Got called in to run mower for a couple hours.

Bat-wing is leaking gear lube all over one deck & they want to run some type of stop-leak through it. I that doesn't work they'll tear it all apart over the winter.

The warm weather & rain has kept the grass growing, so at least it's not a waste of time i that sense.

Bummer I already had it all cleaned & scraped to put away for Winter I get to power wash it clean first thing, then do it all again when I finish with the mow. :|:
Actually forced myself to go out to breakfast. sitting around wasn't helping.

By the time I finished breakfast, & was leaving & heading home, I was feeling quite a bit better.
Don't know if it was the fresh air, moving around some, eating, getting out of house (might have them come check for gas leaks), or the pills kicking in. :dontknow:

Biopsy results came back negative. Still waiting to go over them with Dr. and see what the next move is.
Dave, you may have a gas leak?!
You get an attaboy on that one! I didn't even think about that possibly being the cause and I've done tons of relights, good call on checking that. Yeah you can't smell it at all, and that's why it kills so many. The co alarms are set way high and you could easily be having health issues. Call the gas company and ask, they'll likely send someone out that day. If you don't have gas service they would still be able to point you in the right direction. Some plumbing outfits might have the gas sensits, but they are an expensive specialty item that isn't super common to have. If you have a gas/ propane water heater they are another likely culprit.

Edit: I'm talking about carbon monoxide btw