Good Morning!

Fire dept checked things out this morning...everything registered 0 on their meters (they had two for redundancy).
They are coming back in a while to install all new smoke alarms.(free service) as mine are all over the hill old.

Was wishing to be put down again this morning when waking up. Felt some better after pills kicked in 3 hrs or so later.
Went to get blood drawn, now waiting on those results and call from another Doc about the MRI, etc. results.

I'm really hoping we can formulate some kind of a more effective plan sometime today. This is getting old...I'm just trying to stay patient & stay outpatient.
Up all night again last night but a little better now that I took the Prednisone (only mornings) & got 2hr of shut eye
They only gave me 5 days worth of the only thing that seems to help much (but doesn't last all day) so will run out way before I get an appointment to see someone next week. I may end up in emergency again if I can't tough this out...seems I'm right on the edge of giving in about 6-8 hrs per day until the morning pills kick in.

The headache started on/around the 30th of Dec .
I waited until Jan 7th to go to hospital.
first follow-up visit will be on 18th w/new general practitioner
don't know when I get to see Neurologist yet...

My sister has cancelled her vacation trip out to Wyoming so she could be here (lives next door) in case I'm not able to drive or need help with something, so at least I have some kind of back-up to depend on if this gets too bad to handle alone. I feel kind of bad about that, but appreciate it.
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Sorry to hear it's rough.

My daughter takes a magnesium glycinate supplement, Riboflavin supplement, and feverfew supplement (sometimes taken by some as tea) for headaches.

Migrelief/ Children's migrelief are the all in one supplements.

Might help.

Riboflavin takes time to build up in the system. Turns urine bright yellow.
wow, decent 5 hrs of sleep last night.
I think switching the timing of my meds was a good move. Seem to have things regulated to about the same throughout the day now.

It seems really weird to get up & eat something first thing in the morning (I'm a "bruncher") because of the pills. A small bowl of cereal is a struggle to get down for me at 5am before I've worked up some kind of appetite.
If its not too wet, I've started slipping paper grocery bags over my feet if I want to run in the house without taking my boots off. Catches dirt and debris from my boots and pant leg bottoms.
It's been years since I've seen a paper grocery bag...grew up having a whole hamper full of them all neatly folded up. Used them for all types of things.

I was sitting on the couch this morning watching the tube, getting ready to take the first bite of my favorite doughnut.

My mouth was watering as the scrumptious treat approached!

Woke up and I'm sitting on the couch in the dark with no damn doughnut to be found! :X
I'm a fan on slip ons for working around the house, or for me at work unless I'm in the iron, doing trees, or other stuff where you need the support of laces. 2 seconds to pop on or off religiously, not having shoes in the house really helps to keep it cleaner with less effort in my experience.
I'm on a weekend get away. Up in a place called River Ranch Fl., they are sponsoring a car show , 34th year in a row but our first time here. Huge property with a rodeo every Saturday night. I am so excited to go to a rodeo because I never been to one!
River Ranch Resort? My mom took me there as a kid, first time ever riding a horse. I was 7-8 I think. Couldn't find it today without Google maps.
I’m a bit late posting this because I had no internet this morning. Good morning everybody😎. I’ve been up since 4 am for some reason. Did all the morning routine of taking care of the dogs, tending fire, and stretching well before sunrise. I just happened to walk into the kitchen to see the sun creeping up and I hurried to get my coffee and watch the sunrise on my patio. Clouds moved in just as it was getting good. So I took the older dog for a walk. It was very peaceful and I only had one car pass. 8 am now and trying to get the kids all up so they can help with breakfast. It’s looking to be a beautiful day😎
Spent a few hours in ER again last night...BP & heart rate shot up & hands cramping too bad to hold silverware during dinner. Barely got the phone dialed.

Nic (timbertramp when he was here) drove in & brought me back home 'cause Pam (sis) couldn't handle finding the place after dark & driving my truck in the snow we are getting. Gave him my last chainsaw I'd kept (MS 441) & some other tools I will no longer use that he still can, while we visited some before he drove the hour back home.

Looks like we got ~10" of snow so far last night & still coming down at a good clip. Not sure if I've got it in me to clear us out & make it to a main road by noon, but going to give it a shot after I try for a little more sleep.. Supposed to be at the Dr. at 1.