What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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Today I feel very differently about MA weather versus AZ weather.

I went for a short walk to the convenience store and it was 84 degrees, but my phone says "feels like 90" with an "average of 81% humidity."

My lungs, which are so used to the dry air, feel like they are inhaling clouds with every breath and it's kind of slightly uncomfortable.

I'm sweating way more than I would for 84 in Arizona, and this humidity is...disgusting. I hate it. I can feel it in the stairwell and hallway of my complex as soon as I leave my apartment.

Apparently it will take me about an hour to get from my place to the wildlife preserve by my parent's house by train and bus. Unless this heat wave goes away, I don't see myself making any new content anytime soon.

Just two weeks ago my father was telling me how it was in the 70s. I guess I forgot how nasty a MA summer can be, too. Yuck and ick.
I taught my daughter about using a upright stick jabbed into the ground on a sunny day to determine east-west with the stick's shadow.

Turned on the A/C.
High of 97 in town.
Cooler on the peninsula by a few degrees.

Irrigating ... better late than never.
Tomorrow is an "energy savings day"...


This stuff's written for other people. If I turned my ac up 10°, it would be at 90°. I set it to 84° when I leave, but that's as high as I'll go. I don't get much of a rebate for saving money cause I'm on the edge of comfort all year. My energy usage doesn't drop much if at all on a 'savings day'. I have very little room to pare more off. They should give me a rebate for going above and beyond every day of every year.
Hot and humid today. Walking outside was like "Oof..." as my glasses fogged up. Now, it's... not terrible honestly. There's a brisk wind, and as long as you stay in the shade and don't do anything, it could even be considered pleasant on a degraded scale.