O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

:). funny the color of the helmet was listed as White… edit.. listed as black and white.. as white is sold out.
I’m stoked to try it… I will spray paint white the helmet if I need to. Haha.

Seriously though the Kask feels like a balancing act…. The protons has side protection and rides lower.
also I’ve found myself making some bigger cuts in tight quarters and I appreciate the little bit more protection.
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I hear ya.

The ninja wears black pretty much everything (figures ;) ) full time.

I go with hi viz yellow or orange
There's a carpenter foreman from my client that almost always wears navy blue shirts. He's sweating and miserable, but still wears dark shirts. I haven't quite figured it out. I want to have a talk with him, but I feel it's like explaining water's wet. I just look and shake my head.

My Petzl's orange. I've work white helmets forever, and I don't even like white aside from it being cool. I figure it's a reasonable compromise. Not too hot, and I stand out from the other white hats on site. Based solely on looks and comfort, I'd like one in flat desert sand. It would work for climbing, but would be needlessly unsafe on the ground.
I can’t tell a difference in retained heat between a black helmet, or hi-viz.
Granted I wear a (non-vented) Pacific R5.
I've heard some ridiculous theories that black helmets are cool due to some kind of thermodynamics going on with the heat. I don't believe that for a second. Might be interesting to see if a black border on vents like the Vertex has increases airflow through them. I suspect not due to the small surface area, and lack of piping, but it would still be interesting.
A black helmet will be hotter to the touch, sure.
I’ve worn a black helmet for 6-7 years now and could not tell you the difference vs. a lighter color.
I used to use a large MSR Dromedary bag as a solar shower when camping out in the bush. It’s just a black waterproof bag with a spout. Fill with water lay it out in the sun for a day and enjoy a nice hot shower. Black is hotter.
Years ago, I laid a sheet of black Visqueen that I'd taken off the garden (winter weed and rain cover) on the lawn in the sun to dry...just for about 15 minutes. Browned up the grass quite nicely.
Black will last longer. I guess that's something in it's favor. You can be hot longer before you get another one!
I've only used plastic, but you can get a good idea on appearance. Inspect for crazing, and give it a good squeeze to see what it does. Five years seems like a reasonable, and somewhat conservative replacement schedule if you're using it for work. That's less than $100/year for even the best lids. If you're gonna wear a helmet, you might as well wear one that works. Otherwise, there's cheaper and more comfortable options. I keep my helmets bagged in the truck so sunlight(the worst enemy) isn't affecting it unless it's actually working.