How'd it go today?

Thanks for the detailed response :rockhard:

They sell those at Depot btw, fwiw.
Yea, I'm pretty stoked. I need to sharpen it better, then wait for the wood to dry to see what happens, but it's basically ready to go.

Computer works. It's better than my other laptops I don't use, so it's a decent upgrade. It was a lawyer's computer. They helpfully put the login password on a postit next to the touchpad, and didn't wipe the harddrive, so there's legal stuff on there. Piss poor security. I'm gonna wipe the drive and install debian or bunsenlabs.
Still have my last Think pad from about that era. Missing some keys. Ubuntu would run on it. Been meaning to wipe it. Let me know. Might still have some useful batteries, docking station and charge cord.
Update: Arm is very slowly improving.
Managing to tolerate a loose long-sleeve shirt today and can handle it being wrapped for 5-10 min. at a time.
Still can't do the ice, but cold washcloth helps some.
Movement not so good, but pain has at least dulled a bit.

They scheduled a 'diagnostic" visit for Wed. I had already got the skinny form a nurse who had this "they will just take an x-ray and tell you why they won't do anything". I've already been diagnosed so told them to shove their appointment if no immediate treatment was involved.

On the bright side, the fork marks in my face, from eating with the wrong hand, are healing good and I'm saving quite a bit on dog food. :lol:
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Dropped my daughter off at school. As we passed the homeless camp near the county facilities, we could smell strong aroma of ether and chemicals like meth cooking. Then this...
Kids and staff are ok. Whatta day.. took a while to get my kiddo back.
I think the term I was looking for is “estate planning”.
Yesterday I also went and picked up my bifocals from the eye doc, sorted some stuff out with the bank I have my business account with( apparently they took my name off the account), and seen the crack doctor. Getting used to the glasses. Bank stuff I finished today. And the chiropractor seems to be working some kind of sorcery because I’m feeling a lot better.
Today was pretty easy. Couple of oak prunes and 3 smallish walnut removals. Dropped off a non running dirt bike to get fixed. As of right now it looks to be a dirty carb. Really irritating because I should’ve cleaned it but just didn’t want to fuss with it. Oh well, shouldn’t cost me to much. Getting ready to put the fire to bed and go to sleep myself