INFLATION how's it hitting you?

You think differing opinions is what's driving this? Everyday you come here and say the election was stolen from Trump, like we live in friggin' Somalia or something. Where do you think that leads? Let's say he isn't imprisoned or killed by 2024, what happens then? What happens when half the country doesn't accept election results? How does this play out in your mind?

Right wing nuts stormed the capital, not trannys. Right wing conspiracy clowns were shouting hang pence because he had the job of simply certifying the election, not liberals. Right wing militiamen tried to kidnap and kill the governor from Michigan, not blm. It's already happening, and everytime you guys say "most votes ever" you are simply advancing the narrative that our country is such a joke that we can't even have elections. Obviously you all won't be the ones storming the capital, but people with your exact same views and false news did and will again. This is completely a 1 sided problem, and it's not me.

To be a republican today you must agree that the election was stolen, if not then you are a rino and need to be replaced by a republican that does believe in the orange god. In real life, back on planet earth, not even the partisan hacks in the supreme court would even waste their time listening to his lies, and every day another fool that was there on Jan 6 is found guilty and is sentenced to prison. The jan 6 committee has uncovered the conversations Trump and his posse of lawyers tried to use to overthrow a democratically elected president, but still you all keep spewing lies like vomit in every damn thread here, quoting white supremacist and ponzi scheme convicts as your news source. No wonder so many here have just up and left.

I'm sorry if you think I'm an asshole for saying that people are gonna die over this crap, but when it happens and our country is torn apart by the dude from the apprentice maybe then you'll accept reality. So i guess til then we gotta pretend that people who make shit up and post it on the internet are not marching us straight towards war, and that conspiracy theories with zero proof are better than actual news sources. There's different opinions on stuff, and then there's saying that the democracy that was the envy of the world has failed because Trump said so, which is exactly what you are doing.

As far as inflation goes, remember when we had a virus that shut everything down? Well, it takes time to get everything going again. The "free" money you speak of was why your house and equipment didn't get repoed, because while most of you didn't get unemployment your neighbors did, and then they called you rather than saving it because there was more coming. We just went thru the worst financial crisis since the great depression, and yet there were no breadlines and mass homelessness. The world didn't implode, and it was a bipartisan effort to boot. God forbid there's a lag until everything gets back to normal.
Sorry you are so misinformed Kyle. You and Jomo should go get lunch, coffee or something.
And you assume too much. You are thinking in extremes instead of thinking critically.
I do agree we are in a cold civil war currently that can and probably will go hot. Your opinions show how successfully divisive the powers that be are. There is no non painful way out of this.
I remember when World Governments, marching in Lockstep, colluded to shut down major economies under the pretence of a spoooooky new virus. And I remember when those same governments sacrificed the quality of life for young children for 2 whole years, so that 87 year olds could live to be a ripe old age.

But no, I don't remember when a virus shut down anything...
Praise the whatever, we've got us a new conspiracy tin foil hat member.
How exciting.
So you don't remember when a virus shut down anything...

Spanish flu, dude!
20-40 million dead.

But of course that was just made up by "those governments".

As for inflation, somehow Biden has managed to make fuel prices go through the roof here as well.
I don't know how he has done it, but he sure did a good job.

Food prices have run up as well.
We are having the mail order bride's family visiting and I had to shop food for 4 adults and 3 kids.
Almost shit my pants in public when I saw the bill.
Woops, don't you hate it when they actually admit that unlimited printing of money is a bad thing?...

Have I EVER said anything positive about Biden?
I have said that at least he is not Trump, but apart from that I have repeatedly made fun of the fact that " The greatest nation on Earth" can only come up with a choice between dementia and megalomania.

Even us commies do better than that.