INFLATION how's it hitting you?

I haven't noticed much, but I live a sheltered life. Most of my shopping is done through secondary channels. My primary grocery store's aldi, and I buy stuff from biglots when they get something I like, and I buy a bunch, so it lasts awhile. I don't eat much meat, and my clothes are bought from the thrift store. I try to get most things used unless it's locally unusual, or I don't have time to wait til it shows up.
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The last time I filled my tank, last week, gas was $5.30 a gal for regular, in Miranda. Historically it's always been cheaper there on the 101 corridor. In Ft. Bragg it's $4.70. At Schalfer's Garage in Mendocino, 9 miles south, it's over $7.00. But that's a tourists trap anyway.

I don't burn enough gas to complain about that cost, really. But the price of food and staple's is following the same rate of inflation here as gas.

And that is more alarming. I'll keep you current with the latest hikes.
Lets see....
200.00 for this fill up. One tank of two on my truck. Smaller of the two. 3 5 gallon cans of gas.
5 gallons of red diesel. Two 5 gallon propane tanks.
In the last year:
Fuel has nearly doubled. Food is up but I'm not sure how much as a percentage. Fast food (according to my son who lives on the stuff) is up about 20%-30%. Tires are way up, maybe 50%. Bars and restaurants are up about 30%.
Feeding my fam is more as well.
We try to offset expenses by driving only one truck instead of two when we can. Planning a head on equipment placement day prior on the schedule. Try to keep the bookings to a common area of the county each week. Less movement. Less miles towed. Less fuel used.
Only so much you can do though.
Parts went up as well for repairs( if you can get them).
Problematic challenging times.
Sure sucks up here. Prices were on the rise, Biden took over and prices shot up. Steel ,copper and industrial supplies took off high.
Elections have consequences. Be careful when you vote for a socialist, you might get one. As you can see there is no free lunch.

We voted Turd-eau up here, he's been friggin' up since 2015. prices up. crime up. wages down.

I've spent time behind the iron curtain in the mid 80's. I've stood in bread lines. It was no fun.