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  • Hey Gerry, thank you for doing what you do. I’m in south east Virginia and it’s a challenge to find a mentor in this area but your books and all the other resources have helped me learn grow and stay safe. Only in my second year of climbing. What you and Patrick Masterson have done with bringing the fundamentals back have been a huge blessing to the new arborists. God bless you sir!
    hey Gerry thanks for writing such a great book, I keep it around me all day. as a new guy starting out it has provided me with help and advice when I needed it so thanks again. see ya around Zayen
    Hey Gerry I just wanna say I got the fundamentals of tree work and it is amazing. I appreciate all you have done for the industry. Cheers and thank you!!
    Just wanted to say, I look up too you! You are my role model and one of the main factors that got me into climbing! :D One day I'd like to meet you! I was honored to hold you'r 090 that sotc has!
    Hi Gerry, Thanks EVER SO MUCH for the DVDs !!!!!! ... as we both know how much I Love and respect your works. Sad that I could not meet you and "Mrs. B" at Hartford ... I just started viewing the. Part threes ... They are really Masterpieces Gerry .... the overview of dead and rotten trees alone could save many lives! ... will be in touch soon .... Dave
    Dear Gerry: Received your books. Didn't see the invioce. Can you please let me know the costs and I will send you off a check right away. (Mailing address, also,).

    Thanks much. Bill A.
    hey gerry,
    just wanted to chat with you about the RI ITCC. is it possible to get your phone number?
    Hey Gerry- 2 quick questions for you...

    1- I'm on the verge of buying a video camera to make hd quality splicing vids (some to sell, some to youtube). I'm looking at the canon HG-10. any thoughts? What's the secret to getting HD vids up on youtube?

    2- I'm getting inquiries from people wanting to climb the redwoods. I think you saw a thread from a trip where i took some people up...but these are up in the state parks where, as you know, climbing is prohibited, Any suggestions for some private land where the owner would let me earn money on their property? I'd be glad to pay, of course...

    Hope all is well...

    Aloha Jerry!

    I wanted to write and thank you again for setting the whole rec climb up. I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

    I know you closed the number of people several weeks ago so I feel bad for asking - a very close friend who lives in Portland is thinking about driving down to see me while I'm in humboldt and I told her I would have to check with you first to make sure it is okay. I am camping nearby but I would want to hang out with her so I was writing to ask permission if she could tag along with us.

    If that doesn't work, no problems at all Jerry. See you soon~!

    ~~~ Jon
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