INFLATION how's it hitting you?

Knock it off guys! No one's going to win the pissing contest so put a sock in it.
Talk of sewing up lips and killing and hanging is NOT what anyone wants to read anywhere on this site.
Just stop already, suck your lolly and keep your teddies in your own pram.
Enough is enough.
Stop already.
F no.

He's been repeated asked to go where he's wanted, fruitlessly.

He's a nutjob. We aaaaaaaall know this.

Are you?
Scott brought the killing up.
No big surprise.
At least this time it was not about filling someone's mouth up with manure and sewing the lips shut.

I didn't threaten to kill the Murphadite, I just wrote that it might actually shut him up.

Jeez, Jim, I got leukemia just for saying he can't use a saw for shit.
Imagine what horrors karma may inflict on me if I suggested killing him.:\:
It would have been a jewish doll.
The jewish cabal is taking over the World according to the Murphadite.

Along with Bill Gates and the lizard people, of course.

So no anti semite, Murphy.
He is basically anti everything.
Context, Stig,…context. Look it up. I was responding to Kyle’s post that they should have killed the folks involved in the infamous Jan. 6 shindig.

I have never once advocated killing folks for kicks. I do think the world would be better off without folks who cannot live civilly with others.

It wasn't for kicks, and i still fully support killing them all. We're on the verge of another civil war in this country, so honestly it'll come to that soon enough.
Heck yeah. The rate of inflation and those responsible for it... REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!

So carry on, as usual. Thank you.
Can you expand on the reasons behind the current inflation rate?

I've heard different causes posited.

I think gas prices are up because people can charge it to customers. Customers keep saying "yes, please, here's my money".
Inflation is caused primarily by the creation of new money. The Fed created (out of thin air) roughly 40% of all the Dollars that ever existed since 1776, in the 12 months preceding Mar 2020. The US has long enjoyed the enviable position of world reserve currency AND the Petro-dollar system since the early 70's, allowing them to effectively print as much as they want, and export the inflation, because there was always an external demand for those dollars. This is the beginning of that house of cards coming down. It was an unsustainable system, they knew it, and here we are, one step closer to The Great Reset, which is a complete upheaval of the US-centric, global financial system...
How does deficit spending affect inflation?

National debt?

War in Ukraine?

Economic bailouts: the American People, massive corporate/ bank welfare, etc?

Again, serious questions, not trolling.
summarize, the money supply is important because if the money supply grows at a faster rate than the economy’s ability to produce goods and services, then inflation will result. Also, a money supply that does not grow fast enough can lead to decreases in production, leading to increases in unemployment.
No to mention money devalues as you create more basically out of thin air.
Gold for example. Inflation traditionally drives the price up. Not that we are on a gold standard anymore, but you can see the inflation in the price of gold. Not because the gold is "worth more" (almost 2000.00 per oz currently) but because the dollar is devalued.