How'd it go today?


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Mar 6, 2005
I had the pleasure of trimming one medium live oak and at another job I slaughtered a large water oak. It was weird, my sprocket on my 200 broke into pieces. I've never had that happen.

But no bees or heat stroke, so it was all good! :beer:
MB. nope, she is miles away! tomorrow I am going to a production nursery, I get to give their field guys a crash course in formative tree pruning, like 1/2 hour in class with maybe one or two handouts with some basic pictures. then I am going to work with them in the fields for the rest of the day, pruning the baby trees. should be fun.
Pruned 2 Crabs, 2 Redbud, a behemouth Viburnum, and a handful of smally stuff >>> new plantings. Also had to run PR w/ the condo association we're working at, ugh. This is actually what I charge for.
"Now, this tenant wants to do their own trees, but could you just bring it off the building and do a little bit of clearance ? If she comes out and yells at you, just tell her you didn't know."
Ambulance passes us on its way to building 3...
"Can you make this one look all layered, like you did with the Dogwood ? Yes, I know it's a Silver Maple..."
Crazy lady comes out of building 1 >>> "If you cut down my f**king trees, I'll f**king shoot you, Eileen. You shouldn't even be on the board of members..."
Frank comes out on his front step, "Pay no attention to any of this, Theresa. They're all wacko !" Thank God for the "Franks" of the world.

Paul, that class sounds like great fun, can I come over & check it out ? LOL
Hey, and didn't I pass you on Woodward Ave. this afternoon ? Yeah, you were the guy carving yew shrubs into zoo animals, ey ?
I trimmed little trees and hedges and made good money for it. I was happy, the customer was happy and my groundie was prophesizing the end of the world.
TC3 me? yews into aminals? pshaw.... :) just a laurel hedge and a cedar hedge today.
the tomorrow thing is cool, last trade show I went to I talked to a couple nursery owners that I knew, told them " I hate to say it point blank, but the pruning of trees in the nurseries SUCKS. why dontyou hire me to come out and do some pruning for you or, I could try and teach your field guys the basics.." when I was hunting for work in the late winter. This nursery owner has given me the chance. I met here a few weeks back at one of her fields, did a few trees in a few minutes, chatting away as to what I was doing " I will give this tree a leader instead of 3, deadwood here, shitty branching here..." and viola. a days work. maybe more. I am just trowing together some pics and diagrams for her field guys for tomorrow morning. :) should be fun.
Today called for a power line kill for 3hrs to get 3 eucalyptus trees down and only took 2 hrs and 4 more hrs to cleanup and haul away
burned hand, cut other hand, groundie spilled bar oil on my saddle and he also jack-knived and bent chipper tongue, but....maybe pretty good $ and no heat stroke. Time for new help.. whats new??
We had a groundie do the same thing with the jack - knifed chipper tongue. I watched and heard it from a block away but he claimed he didn't hear a thing and was in utter disbelief that it even happened.

To stick with the thread, I spent the day in the bucket trimming trees away from the powerlines. Just like that movie, "Groundhog Day".
utter disbelief is a good phrase, "rocks will do that to a chain, no way!" type stuff I deal with
Storm blew through town last night, crews spent the day cleaning up. I helped on 1 old poplar which failed and was on a house. No crane access and no other high point to rig too............we got her off with little too more damage to the home. Took some planning though.
The engine plant was a real hoopla.Pain in the arse new type "puter stuff.

After work ,I cruised a 60 foot by 1000 foot clear cut for a road widening job for my wifes adopted son,Tom the tree guy.

He's got three weeks to do it,a joint venture with another tree outfit.I'll get them both together ,tommorrow and help them with the bid.

Old Al is likely to end up with several thousand board feet of prime hardwood saw logs out of this deal.Of course,most likely I'm going to have to tuter these fellows in ground falling methods.One must remember they are used to disassembling a tree in a back yard.Of which they do a great job.The old clear cut deal is my game,I haven't forgot how.;)
Al, bartering is the REAL way to deal, my brother ! So glad you're on board with that.
Trading your knowledge & know-how ? >>> NEVER short-change yourself. Those blokes will be damned glad for it. If you come away w/ a few hundred board ft. of wood, my guess izz that they're glad to give it.
I'll repeat myself <shock !> NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE !
Those guys are miles ahead for it, Al.
So am I.
My day went well. a fundraising committee meeting this morning , they forked out for breakfast. then off to the nursery to give a quick pruning talk then off to the fields with a handful of nursery people to do some hands on pruning of young trees. barely got dirty, got to share lotsa info and.. got to write an invoice.
bah, tomorrow I go back to finish my retaining wall.
oh, yeah... this is me. s'all good t'day.
not really, but what can ye say ?
we put in another day.