What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?


California Hillbilly
Jun 30, 2008
Near Yosemite in CA USA
One of our first few dinner dates, we went to a nice sea food and steak house. She ordered the salmon. I ordered a New York and Shrimp. She could hardly sit at the table with me. Just the smell of it bothered her. Like her body was afraid of it.
Later days we went to a chinese place and some how a tempora shrimp had got in her orange chicken. Benadryl time. She only bit into it but did not eat it. Dr ran some tests. Highly allergic. Lilly too. Bummed me out.
One night the girls went out to a ladies function.. surf and turf night for me and the boy. Bought some lobster tail to grill with the steaks.what a treat for us. Rare we ever get that opportunity.