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Wow that is a serious comeback, congrats!
That's great news regarding the knee recovery being so successful. To my mind, that's even better than the wins in competition. Well done.
That is exactly the result he and I wanted.

He went into the matches with the mindset that it was a hard spar, if he won he won, if he lost he lost. He has tried to tailor his game to avoid certain pressures on his knee.

To get the win(s) in such a dominating fashion was a bonus. In fact an awesome achievement and overcoming the mental aspect of recovery from a serious injury, added with the doubt that the knee wouldn’t be strong enough etc. he came through it and is now buzzing for more fights.

I am as proud of the wins as I am of his composure. So chilled and relaxed. I guess there is a risk to BJJ but when you are used to fighting Muay Thai, which quite frankly bloody hurts, the risk seems minimal when competing in BJJ.

Just hope he doesn’t try that shit in me next time we roll together 🤪
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Ha good point. Soon, if not already, he will be wiping the mat with you.;)

It happened in my household:\:;):rockhard: