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Wow that is a serious comeback, congrats!
That's great news regarding the knee recovery being so successful. To my mind, that's even better than the wins in competition. Well done.
That is exactly the result he and I wanted.

He went into the matches with the mindset that it was a hard spar, if he won he won, if he lost he lost. He has tried to tailor his game to avoid certain pressures on his knee.

To get the win(s) in such a dominating fashion was a bonus. In fact an awesome achievement and overcoming the mental aspect of recovery from a serious injury, added with the doubt that the knee wouldn’t be strong enough etc. he came through it and is now buzzing for more fights.

I am as proud of the wins as I am of his composure. So chilled and relaxed. I guess there is a risk to BJJ but when you are used to fighting Muay Thai, which quite frankly bloody hurts, the risk seems minimal when competing in BJJ.

Just hope he doesn’t try that shit in me next time we roll together 🤪
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Ha good point. Soon, if not already, he will be wiping the mat with you.;)

It happened in my household:\:;):rockhard:
Interesting day at the BJJ tournament yesterday. Haakon had 8 in his group as he was bumped up a weight class. First fight he choked the kid out with a cross collar choke from guard. Just under a minute. Onto the semi’s. Up against the kid he tapped a couple of weeks ago who developed a mysterious illness/stomach bug and pulled out of his fight so Haakon got a pass to the final.

We reckon he bottled it and didn’t want to get beat again, especially as it was a competition held by his gym. So he basically didn’t want to lose face in front of his friends.

This was pretty obvious as he then fought 10 minutes later in the shield comp (repecharge) a comp to determine the bronze medalist.

So Haakon won that one by Intimidation.

He then fought in the final against a tough kid. Very close fight and went the full 4 minutes 0-0 with no advantages each side.

Haakon got the judges decision as he was more active and going for submissions and the other kid just defended.

Another gold medal. It would be good for him now to get fit. Haakon has been sick for over 7 weeks. So not a bad result to win again without training and dealing with high temps and sickness.


Why is everyone in a white belt?

Because the categories are made up from participants in Age, Rank (belt) and weight.

So Haakon was bumped up a category from 65kg to -69kg for Juvenile boys (16 year old).

Juniors have a belt ranking system with stripes and then colours. Juveniles and adults don’t/shouldn’t need the incremental belt system to keep them motivated so it goes from white to blue.

Rickson Gracie, one of the greatest ever practitioners of BJJ was a white belt till he was 18 IIRC.

It is largely club dependent. The club Haakon competes for doesn’t have a junior division. So they have the same rules for he young ones as the adult system.

Also, proud as I am, best not to get carried away as he is still only a white belt. But as you can see from the graphic above, there are time period at a belt rank that should be fulfilled before promotion to the next rank.

As they say, you can only beat the competition that is put in front of you. At the moment he is handling things well. It might be a different story when he is out of the juvenile division and blue belt as he could be against 35 year old men as a 17/18 year old. Same weight class though.

Then you have a division called absolute. Where it is all weight classes. One of the guys went on to win absolute within his rank when he got knocked out of his division in the second fight.
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@biggun , no doubt you saw this fight. I didn't but I read the following article and watched the attached clips- geez what a banger. And the post fight speech (in the link below) by Tekeru who lost, was pretty awesome.

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Did you see the state of his leg afterwards. Takeru is a tough Mo-Fo, I think he thought he could just punch his way to victory and didn’t take the leg kicks seriously.

Complete warrior but more fool him. Fractured knee cap and an extremely tenderised quad.