The Official TreeHouse Martial Arts Thread!

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Wow that was quite the comprehensive bjj lesson. And fun to see some Magnus type challenges at the end. :rockhard:
Rener Gracie is so enthusiastic.

Did you ever see his Shark Tank clips for his Quikslip hoodies and apparel?

I think one of the sharks even commented that it was like they were making a pitch to him. Pretty funny stuff.
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I didn't see that, did the Shark's invest?
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Legendary fight, 1.5 rd.

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The lightly-explored realm of martial arts humor
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Honest Abe Lincoln makes an appearance in the TH martial arts thread. Apparently our boy was a bad ass.

Not sure if any of you MA fans have heard of Lawrence Kenshin - Striking breakdowns. He does great analysis and doco style vids in some of the greatest fighter and influential fights from history.

He released this one last week. It really highlights the skill of Jonathan Haggery. To have come so far at such a you age in amazing.

Some of his junior fights I was stand there are a few clips on there with my old trainer, Alan Keddle.

38mins long but we’ll worth a watch for fight fans.
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Just found this, looks like some good stuff, free, just started watching, Biggun you might like it. I found it via an excerpt vid re legend Shinya Aoki getting submitted by his own move.

Btw that Haggerty vid is definitely insane, I'm grateful you posted about him, I would have never heard of him, not much muy tai in these parts afaik. Some of those downward elbow (spike elbow:O) KOs are insane, I think I've only seen one in ufc and it was insane. And it's not even a downward elbow, more of an overhand hellbow:

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Cory, I watch ONE fights weekly. They have a Muay Thai promotion every Friday streamed live and free from Lumpini Stadium in BKK. Some amazing fights and they offer life changing bonuses (Life changing for the average Thai) for KO’s and a show of heart.

Then there is the big show, like the one you posted. There will be a good one next month. Haggery the MT Bantanweight Champ is taking on Amrade the MMA Bantamweight champ. They are meeting in the middle and fighting for the Kickboxing belt.

Should be a great fight.

Me, fanboying a few years ago when I was back in England at the old gym.

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Cory, this fight was the one the world of MT has been asking for the last few years. Unfortunately Superlek missed weight so it wasn't for a title fight. They changed from 5 to 3 rounds.

2 of the best strikers in the world of MT/Kickboxing.

Hopefully you can view it. Check the Elbow from Rodtang that splits Superleks dome clean open. The fight was an absolute bloodbath.

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Great pic!

I'm pumped to watch the linked vid, MT is the chit!
Anyone going to tune in to this?

Should be fireworks!

The ONE FC Bantamweight Kickboxing world title (AKA the battle of the Eyebrows!)

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Damn thx for the heads up, I'll definitly tune in. Is it all kickboxing or are there mma fights too?
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Btw, who you got?
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Speaking of this weekend, this guy is in the ufc HW main event vs The Black Beast, Derrick Lewis