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Aug 23, 2008
I don't sense there is a great interest here in da House, but maybe I'm wrong.

Stig and I were chatting a bit re bjj (brazillian jiu jitsu), and I think at least one of you Brits is into bjj, based on some posted pics.

So chime in all interested parties and let's chat martial arts, boxing, bjj, mma, etc.

Y'all probably know at least something about Connor McGregor, Irish mma sensation. There has been some talk of him talking on a world class boxer in a boxing match. Below is a vid of him sparring with some stud boxer. It looked interesting but their hand are so fast some of it is hard to see. So I put it on .25 speed and could then easily see all that was going on. Looked like CM got the best of him. Boxing looks like a lot of fun, at least the way they do it! Too bad about CTE...

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Are you saying all that stuff happened in fights you've been in, Jim?
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MMa and boxing are vastly different of course, but no doubt the cardio of top mma guys is every bit of that of top boxers.

Uh, I was still wondering about your injuries mentioned, if you care to discuss, if not NP!
No, none of that stuff happened in fights. Havent been in a fight since grade school.

One breast plate was because I was surprised and smacked a guy in the chest, one was when trying to help someone pop his back, the rib was during a football game, the shoulder and the ankle was just screwing around, 'wrastlin. Personally, I have never broken a bone, well one of my own anyway!

I read once that CTE is worse in games like American football and boxing. The damage to the brain comes in smaller doses, but there is more of it and it happens over a longer period of time.

Apparently bare knuckle fighting is safer!
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Many people feel that top mma guys would crush top boxers in an mma fight (see Randy Couture vs James 'Lights Out' Toney) and the boxers would destroy the mma guys in a boxing match.
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Exactly, Jim. Stats show boxing is much more 'dangerous' than mma because the boxers are subjected to many more repeated blows and standing 8 counts etc. Mma fights end as soon as you can't intelligently defend yourself, or by submission.
I edited my post to reflect my checkered past.....I did not mean to hurt anyone!

It would make sense that that each type of fighter would dominate in their preferred discipline. Free for all? MMA I bet.

I know I have said this before, but I can watch a boxing match, cant make it through a MMA fight.
The guy whose ankle I broke threatened to sue me, so I paid his insurance deductible. Thankfully it was pre Obamacare, so it was like 800 bucks.

The dedication it takes to be a great fighter, or martial artist in any discipline is amazing to me. Thats the aspect I appreciate, not the blood.

Okay, okay, I will shut up........let the experts speak!
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My climber has been in a good amount of 'street fights'. He has graduated to amateur fights. He does boxing matches and says they don't scare him in the least, the worst that can happen is he gets knocked out and that doesn't bother him. He does mma too, has a 3-2 record. He says when they close the door to the cage behind him, the hair on the back of his neck stands up. Epic stuff, I say.
Judo, Karate, and Ju-Jitsu here. My highest rank was 1st degree brown belt in JJ, but if I was tested today I might qualify for green.
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Jim you are an expert on life as you have experienced it so far, your opinions carry weight, continue!
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Good stuff, MB.
I dig that stuff that Gary does. Mind and body stuff. Seems kinda spiritual. Must be a spiritual aspect to most of the Martial arts. Maybe thats why they call it an art?

The MMA stuff the kids do around here seems kinda silly. Beat people up and get laid kinda silly. None of them will try ole Wade though. He is a different kind of tough. He got a rough cut 2x6 broke over his head, never threw a punch and still won the fight.

Were you in a lot of fights Butch, using your training?

I was never much of a fighter, never wanted the reputation. Now I am a Dad, and run on the fire and ambulance. Just not something I needed to get involved in.

I also have a black out rage problem, thankfully only with cattle so far. But I have hurt people with out meaning to, so I figured it was best to not find out how it would be like if I meant to hurt someone.

Do you practice a Martial Art Cory?
Does fencing count?

I've studied some White crane, know the feeling of being helpless sparing with an advanced fighter. A very interesting vid on the possible origins of karate, perhaps originating from White crane taken from China to Okinawa. Some dedicated people in the vid, and Master Lau in part four at 44 minutes appears a most formidable fighter with his crane feeding style. Close fighting methods are cool, like what might be self preserving in a crowded bar.

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