Official Guns Thread

no experience with the Turks but a 1911 is probably the pistol I shoot most accurately, which isn't saying much... Can't afford to practice these days
This stupid scope has been backordered for over a year... finally got the darn thing and wondering if I will actually like it. It's my first dialer scope so that will be a new thing to figure out.

I'll put it on a 6.5 creedmore that I picked up a while ago.
IMG_20230117_201929_HDR.jpg IMG_20230117_202152_HDR.jpg
Hmmmm, our government actually doing something that makes sense:

Ya think? LMAO The only time they introduce a bill that will appease their voter base is when they know it won’t go anywhere. It’s all a dog and pony show. Look back when they have full control, nothing gets done. Same playbook. They’re so predictable it’s boring, tiresome. It’s already unconstitutional for any law to be passed by anybody other than congress, not these alphabet agencies. Ya done got me started. Now I have to go find a puppy to kick.
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Picked this up today IMG_20230128_091541377~2.jpg
We don't have a sales tax on guns and ammo and smith has a 100.00 rebate for 2.0s now
So I got this for 299.99 IMG_20230128_091654221.jpg
The ez series has a 50.00 rebate also
Sold off several guns that just set in the safe for year's IMG_20230201_144949010_HDR.jpg
Here's my favorite carry and range pistols
Really liking the 2.0 compact 9mm
My friend gave me several 17rnd mags it comes with 15rnd IMG_20230201_150053472_HDR.jpg IMG_20230201_150901693_HDR.jpg
I got some practice in with the micro compacts 10/11 yds
They're a bit more difficult to shoot accurately for me I have to concentrate more.
Everyone prefers the Glock 19/23 m&p compact size for range shooting.
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Shot some nice old guns a Ruger Blackhawk bisley .44mag
And a Beretta 92s IMG_20230211_161827091_HDR.jpg
And whatever they call the sigma now
I hadn't shot one since the 90s
It shot very well triggers still a bit heavy but easily managed compared to the old sigma.
Sold 6 bought 1
IMG_20230224_124615853_HDR.jpg shield plus bug out bundle 4 13rnd 1 10rnd mag
Night sights, medical kit and range bag
309.99 after rebates
They still have 75.00 off the shield series and 100.00 off the 2.0 series nows the time to get one if you want one.

Been a long time coming and plenty of paper to fill in and licenses to pay for.

Picked these up from cargo at the airport. The customs nearly messed up as they couldn’t understand the situation.

20 minutes later a senior member of staff came out, handed me my stamped papers and said go and get your firearms.

Had a bit of a chew on getting the safe up to the second floor as it weighed 158kg. Nothing a sack barrow, 3 burly men and a bit of care not to scratch the walls.

Now just got to get some ammo and make sure they are still zero’d correctly.

Kind of finalised the passing of my father as well. These were the last of the effects to bring over…. Apart from an Anschutz .22lr which I had hoped to sell and now I wished I had included it in the original applications. It didn’t sell so I might apply and then fly to the Uk and pick it up to bring back.





I finally got to try out a keltec p17
It shot good and has a great trigger and sights
But I didn't care for the blind magazine no witness holes or tab assist like most other .22s have
I'll stick with my favorite the taurus.