Official Guns Thread

I get really bored reloading .22 Revolvers. But if like Charles you have all day then I guess its nice.

I havnt bought a gun for quite some time, I will have to change that soon. I have a couple of loverly Muzzle loaders I might sell or trade away.
That man won state silhouette competitions several times he just love's revolver's
.44 mag and .45 colt Blackhawks and redhawks have been replaced with Wrangler's now.
My great nephew gave this to his girlfriend instead of a ring I guess IMG_20221007_161941039.jpg Ruger american .350 legend
They are now engaged lol
I taught her how to shoot the tx .22 it was the first pistol she's ever fired she loved it
And with 24 year old eyes can outshoot me.
I'm going to have her shoot a ar with a Romeo 5 she may like that better than a scope.
What powder are you using? I havn't reloaded much 9x19, it used to be cheaper to buy loaded rounds by the thousand. Not anymore.
These are 4g of Red Dot. Red Dot is not all that easy to find right now. But I had some and it should get used up.
I also have some HP38 but it not as economical. Meters better though since it's a ball powder. I also have more of it.
Shooting wize, is there any difference between homemade or factory's bullets ?
Bullets, as in projectiles, yes, there is a diffrrence In hand cast vs factory. Factory is more consistant in finish and fit. Finish is important for accuracy. But hand loading, using factory projectiles, measuring loads carefully after doing a ladder test for YOUR gun using certain Projectiles under certain loads with certain primers; you can work out what works best for your fire arm. Best groups etc. Longer range enthusists measure powder down to 100ths of a grain.
Me, to the 10th is good enough.
Each powder is different. Primers make a difference. Different projectile mfgs.
Factory actually has too much variation for more accurate long range shooters. If you chronograph the factory rounds, you might get the averahe advertised out of 100-1000 rounds. And being generic, they will work great in some firearms and maybe not others. One of my .243 rifles likes the 28-2900 fps cartridge where as another will like 3000-3100 better of the same caliber, projectile, powder etc.
Hand cast projectiles I use for practice as they are less uniform. So not as accurate, but accurate enough to get your trigger time and dial stuff in for weight of projectile. Get you close to an actual hunting round so that you can dial it in faster.
Way back when I belonged to the local sportsman club, their was a benchrest shooter I would shoot with often. We would both show up on overcast drizzly days and have the range to ourselves.
What that man went thru to achieve the most accurate load possible was unreal.
Seat bullets in .001 increments, let the gun cool and clean every 3 rounds. .
He helped me a lot. Told me about the scope I ended up buying for my .223 Contender. When I ran into him one day at the gun shop, he picked my first varmint rifle for me....
His idea of hunting was hitting a fly on the target at 100 yards.

Mine came in yesterday. Still have to do the rebate. Also ordered 200 rounds of .45. And had my daughter order me another 200 9mm.
They have norma monolithic 108gr for 8.99 strange weight for 9mm
But Norma makes good stuff.
They make it exceptionally hard to find, but it appears to be Turkish. Not really sure what that means, but Turkish firearms don't give me the warm fuzzies.