Official Guns Thread


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Dec 14, 2007
Northeast PA
What'd y'all buy recently. What have you been shooting? What are you selling?

Post em up and show em off.
This is the rifle I got this spring.

I traded the gunsmith an action so be put together a 25-06 Ackley.

26 inch Pac Nor barrel, timney trigger, HS stock B and L scope with a fully blueprinted action.

Had it to the range today and I am getting 3770 fps with an 85 grain ballistic tip.
That's with 65.5 grains of IMR 7977. It's in .257 Weatherby territory.

Prairie dog and coyote gun.

Went and made a payment to the gunsmith today and we plugged it into his calculator. It's shooting flatter to 500 yards than his 6.5 Creedmoor.
I bought a cheap ass .22 pellet rifle. I don't think it will shoot 500 yards. I'm still waiting for Jim to buy that FX Impact so he can tell me how awesome it is.:lol:
GN: I bought a brand new Ruger 10/22.

BN: That was over 2 years ago, haven't shot it yet.:|:
Jim, the Impact is about $1895.00. Plus scope, rings, bipod, dive bottle etc. Paint ball is CO2, so that's only 800 psi. A dive tank is over 4500, so you need to go to a dive shop, or a fire station that charges air packs.
Ha Good question. I'm sure if I could shoot outside of my back door I would shoot it a fair amount. But to shoot around here you gotta go to a range and that seems like a pita.
Nice Stephen. On of the Assistant Chiefs at the FD has one of those.

He really likes it.

A couple of things on my list are a Weatherby SA 08 Deluxe 28 guage auto loader, a synthetic 12 guage and a CZ 527 in .17 Hornet.

But, seeing how the wife is all busted up and we have a high deductible it might be a while.

That and I am still making payments on my 25-06.

I could go out and buy 100 guns if I had the cash. Hope that wind farm gets built!
It's actually well behaved for the weight to calibre thing. I still need to pick up another .357. I just acquired one I love, but want a carry as well. I want it with a 3" barrel though. Better behaved with hot rounds.
Couple rifles in mind. Ruger American in .223 is on the list. Just because it is a good excuse for ammo under California's soon to be watchful eye..
Might get a Marlin 30/30 here soon.. Guy I know is thinking about parting with it...
Still want a lever in .357 as well... .44 mag would be nice to carry with my Dragoon in 44. Just stuff. I would like another .380 too... Gosh do I have a list.
Wheels, Levers and Bolts.
Gunsmith tried to lure me into a .38 super today.

Commander length 1911 with a Caspian aluminum frame. It had the Burris fastfire sight inletted into the slide.

I wanted one years ago, nickle plated with ivory grips. He dismissed it as a "pimp's" gun. Now he has one similar.
The SP 101 is the one I am after. I can deal with the grip. Just a matter of either ordering one or making one. Not like I can't find any walnut or something. :lol:
Of course my hands are smaller than yours I am sure

This is the one I have. 2.25 inch barrel. As with most Rugers, it is hefty, even with the short barrel. It handles fine with the full house 158 hollow points.

Only gripe I have is the springs are a bit stiff. Might order a Wolff spring package and lighten them up a bit.
I did not think I would like the short barrel, but it fits nicely into my pants pocket.

After my friend was murdered in Missoula I bought the wife a pistol.

It is the LCR revolver with adjustable sights and the 3 inch barrel. .38 special+P.

Thats not a bad revolver either. I thought it was hokey at first, but its actually pretty good.