Wood stove heat

Same as usual here. *Very* warm in front of the fire where I'm sitting, and probably still in the 40s in my bedroom at the other end of the house. Not bad really, but it gets your attention when come out of the shower.
I had to open a window and take off my shirt earlier.
Overheated again. Fresh air is good.
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Our German short-haired pointer would sometimes very gently touch his nose to the hot stove. You could hear a small sizzle, but he didn't jerk back or anything, just moved away calmly. It was weird.
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He's been gone many a year now. Got him as a puppy in 1982, lost him to cancer 11 years later. He was a fine hunting dog, and a great pet as well. Smallish for the breed, but an absolutely amazing athlete.
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We'd often take him (his name was Jake) to walk the beach between Oceanside and Netarts, about 4 miles round trip. It'd take us about 3 hours at an ambling pace, watching the sea and birds and whatnot.

He loved to retrieve a tennis ball, and I'd learned that the best method to keep him (and my throwing arm :)) happy was to carry an old SS tennis racket to send the ball down the beach. So we'd walk maybe 30 feet while he sprinted about 200 feet out and at an easy run 200 feet back, ready for another go.

When he'd get warmed up, he'd run through the low surf to cool off on the way back...but never stop to rest. 4 miles for me, by my rough calculations 60ish miles for him...at a full sprint at least half of that. In 3 hours.

Incredible cardiovascular and muscular condition.

Also the smartest dog I've ever known. Learned commands so quickly. At 3 months old he learned to heel in about half an hour. Sit took about 10 minutes. One of the few dogs I have known that intuitively understood what I meant when I pointed at something...without being taught, he'd look where I was pointing, not at my hand.
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It is amazing how far and fast dogs can run. At a former job in high school I would take care of 40 horses and the trainer had a Russian wolf hound named Zarah. So one day her sister comes to visit and they get out and in an hour and a half they were picked up 17 miles away. The trainer and dog’s sisters mom didn’t realize they were gone until the cops called.
So it’s been raining all day, thank God! And the house is on the cooler side and started a fire. Some windows are open for fresh air but the burning season is creeping ever so slowly. Day by day and this thread needs a bump.
Not even close here yet. It's still 3° past hot right now. Looking forward to fires though.