Wood stove venting


Aug 16, 2021
Harford county MD
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I’m probably going to take my parents unused wood stove. I’d like to install it in the basement without chimney access. Is there a through wall option?

Im familiar with exhaust venting of gas appliances, termination rules, classes of pipe/fittings but never designed and installed a wood stove vent.
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To get it to draw properly I'm pretty sure you will have to terminate above the roof peak.

The manufacturer usually has install specs you can get online
That makes sense about the vertical rise for convection. We’ll have to see who manufactured it and check the interweb.
DuraVent I think is the manufacture. To “draw” properly the top of the chimney should be 1’ higher than any part of the roof within 10’ of the chimney, I think. The only problem I’ve had is the last 4”/6” will buildup with creosote, due to being the coolest part. The basement is a good place for a stove in my opinion. Heat rises and all that.
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We bought everything from Rockford Chimney Supply when we did the house. A chimney sweep friend recommended them. They should be able to piece together everything you need if they don't already have it packaged as a kit. Definitely do a T where it goes thru the wall so you can clean it out easily.

When I did the shop last year I was able to get everything from Lowes but it was a much simpler setup.

Our insurance agent said we could do everything ourselves as long as it met code. All that info is online and worth a read before you order.