What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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Warm, and the fine old MD humidity is back. I guess this is how it'll be til November. Might have a decent day or two in there somewhere.
It's going to be pretty much 100 degrees F or more this entire week, just like last week. I hate the summer in Arizona. It's our version of winter because it keeps everyone indoors so, as far as how many days of the year are enjoyable to be outside during, Arizona isn't actually a better place to live than places which see intense snowfall and frigid temperatures. That may be an unpopular way to look at it, but I'm an unpopular guy heh heh. The desert sucks hardcore. There are very few real trees unless I travel towards Sedona and even then the majority of them are conifers and I hate climbing conifers. On top of that, in the desert the majority of creatures which exist in it are either dead, dying or looking to kill you/capable of killing you. Plenty of reptiles and birds, but not a lot of wild mammals other than ones that will f\/ck you up with the quickness such as black bears, bobcats, cougars, pronghorns, big horn sheep, etc. The majority of mammals that are "friendly" (aka run away from you) are various mouse, rat, racoon, deer and fox species, but you hardly ever see any of these animals in this second list unless you go looking for them. Bobcats and cougars and black bears will come looking for you, even in residential areas...or at least your dogs and cats for a quick snack.
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Been cool here all spring except for one warm week a month ago
What truly amazes me is how a substantial number of individuals were living in Arizona year round, enduring triple digit temperatures for long swaths of the summer, before air conditioning was something that was in everyone's homes and businesses. "Hey honey, it's 115 degrees today, so make sure you open the windows once the sun starts going down and let's put up our sun shades! That'll make a huge difference!" Um, it will? I'd have a stroke. I'd have my windows open year round if I were an early resident here. People used to have to live with insects in their homes constantly to endure the heat before screens were commonplace. In fact, to this very day, my windows never get shut ever until my apartment complex turns the air conditioning on. Can you believe some people actually turn on the heat in this state for as long as half of the entire year? I've lived here over three years and never once have I turned my heat on and I'm not exaggerating. That is insanity to me. I see people wearing hoodies and knit hats throughout the summer and spring time. People drive half the posted speed limit whenever a few rain droplets start falling. People like my girlfriend who have lived here their entire lives and haven't traveled much have no idea what real weather even looks or feels like. They have quite literally been sheltered! =-P
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I lived in Scottsdalle and Pheonix for 10 years. Owned a home up by The Princess.
I worked construction for most of those years. I remember days that were too hot to finish a roll out of copper taking it out of the box in the shade. It would get too hot for even gloves. Set aside and grab another roll.
A 121* day stands out in my head. I worked it. They shut down Pheonix air port that day. Too hot for planes to take off and land.
I miss the interesting green desert and such. But where I live now, it is similar to Prescott or Payson weather and pines trees.
The weather turned nice and hot. The last 2 days, both my trimming saws began to act funny, so I checked and found the gas boiling in their tanks.
Smokey! Still really dry also. Got some showers last night, but not much rain altogether. Temps have been coolish for around here this time of year. Been nice not having to shorten grass though. I think I will tomorrow. Been leaving it long due to drought, but showers in the next few days might cause it to take off and get out of control.
It was cloudy today. Somebody alert the press! We have an average of 70 cloudy days per year. And here's the kicker: it was only cloudy during the second half of the day.

According to this chart, Phoenix (72nd place) is the least "gloomy city" in the country (out of the 72 most populous cities and relative to how many cloudy days each sees on average) with Anchorage (1st place) receiving 239 days.

The "gloomy" places are much more appealing to me.There's a few on there that would be top contenders if I wanted to get away from the east coast.
We had the worst drought ever recorded in 2018, this is shaping up to be worse.
I'll cut my hay next week, because it has stopped growing for lack of water.
Dryest ever.
2018 broke the drought record, but it had 18,4 millimeters of rain in May, this year has 14.

But yesterday we had a thundershower.
Doesn't help anything long range, but sure made us feel better.
So we dragged the garden table down under the savanna style Black Locust and had breakfast there.

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