What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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I saw 2 on amazon.
One didn't have cord storage and they were sold out.
One had storage and said you could increase load/output on either generator panel, which sounded like the better choice if you wanted to stick to using a normal plug. It was also a little less costly

Both these kits only have receptacles for camper or transfer switch 30amp plugs
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Cold for here the last few days, now its warm and 30c, then back to 20ish in a few days.
Paddock too wet to drive on, hope to cut and clean it up next week, still have not done any firewood runs either, grrr.
just cleaned the flue and stove, will have a fire in it for at least another week.
Had my last fire about a month ago, cleaned it out and put everything away till next year. It was warming up a bit.

Didn't last, had to put the gas heater on for a while at night.

Warmed up again, put the gas heaters away till next year and turned the gas off.

Didn't last, got the electric heater out. Put that away yesterday so fingers crossed.
Not frozen yet, but cold, hight humidity and a sneaky wind. This was the first day of this season with too cold fingers, needing to thaw them with the chainsaw's exhaust.
Same here, but not wind. Warm and rainy one day, chilly the next. Today is a warm rainy day. I think it's warmer outside the house than in.

On the subject of wind... I have a couple squirrel nests on my lot. One of them is in a small cherry, on top of an upward reaching branch that's no more than 4" at the union, and *much* smaller at the nest. I was standing on the porch last week during some decent wind, marveling over how well the nest stayed in place. If I tried building one, I know exactly what would happen. I'd put all my little sticks in place, add a bunch of leaves, then a 10mph breeze would come and blow it all out of the tree. I'm impressed with the squirrel's construction ability.
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Been unseasonably warm with rain on and off here for the past few days. Sloppy mess everywhere I can potentially work. Yuck!
Same here. Pisses me off. Everything's warm and damp. The wet lingers long after the rain. Got into the office today with 10# boots from clay mud stuck to them.
I had to keep my coat in the trees today. Small trees, not enough moves to make warm. The high humidity and cloody day turned to sunny in the afternoon, but it was even colder when the sun disapeared. It seems that the freeze is comming tonight, maybe already here in the open areas. Likely, one and an half month late.
Just a smidge of snow wednesday, about 1/2", but enough to make some roads slipery and the landscaper canceled the day. We are easily overhelmed by the snow here. :D
It held due to the temp and the fingers weren't happy the next two days.
Friday afternoon, when I pulled my chipper out of my van, the jockey wheels of my chipper where jammed by a plug of leaves and frozen dirt. No worry, as the ground is frozen. But actually, the sun thawed half of the path and I dug two furrows in the alley! ::oops:
I think it's the transitions that make winter suck sometimes. Hard ground that turns to squish as you mentioned. Snow cover that partially thaws and then refreezes, so it /almost/ can carry your weight on the surface, but you end up breaking through. Makes it hard to walk, and it beats up your shins. If it would just stay cold, everything would be perfect ;^)
Warmed up a bit this time last week so I got a haircut.

Two days later it was snowing down south so cloudy and cool with a cold wind and frost, and cold neck.

Nice today, bit cool this morning but the wind dropped and it's supposed to warm up now for Christmas. About time, coldest November since 1923 here in town and still way below the average temperature.