What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

Strudel with mushrooms, kale and a weird tyrkish cheese, I found at my local tyrkish vegetable pusher's shop.
Tulum peynir, a goat milk cheese that they sow up in a goat skin and hang up to mature.
I've never come across it before, and being a cheese lover, I had to try it.

Very good, both in salad and strudel.
Just a fairly standard crab cake recipe, substituting bay shrimp meat (the real small ones we get in the market here, either fresh or frozen) for the crab. M also usually adds a bit of grated cheese, which she tells me most crab cakes don't have.
Bakes in the oven, not pan fried.
If you wish, I'll see about looking it up in her binder and posting it.
Old photo from when I ate it at my parent's house (I don't have Brazilian granite countertops ha! I'm poor) of the same dinner I had tonight which was breaded pork tenderloin (medium) with broccoli and gnocchi with brown sauce. I cooked it better this time, although, last time was hard to beat. This time it was boccoli heads and not the flourettes or however you spell it. I used Shake n' Bake because I'm a professional. Sorry for the photo haze. Didn't feel like editing it out for a food photo. It's probably steam from the food. Excellent sleuthing, I know.

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