What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

Today I have a festive dinner - baked meat with eggplant, salad, some cheese and fruit. Congratulations to all women on the women's holiday! I wish all the ladies health and great female happiness! P.S. On this day, according to tradition, all the dishes are prepared by men, and I cooked everything.)
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I had the last bowl of a big pot of my own smoked salmon and clam chowder, that I made for our trip to the south Oregon coast last week.

I'm pretty sure, because many who have had it say so, that it is one of the finest chowders ever to cross anyone's lips :D.

I didn't have to fight my devine Ms. M for it, as she's away for a couple of days visiting her bestie. So I'm baching it tonight and tomorrow 8).

I don't have a recipe, per se. But I know how to do it, no brag, just fact ;).
Gnocchi, asparagus, and Kale fried with garlig , lemon rind and juice.

I usually make it with Spinach, but thought I'd try Kale.
Rustic but good.
I ran into a big patch of Bear garlic in the woods.
Since we are getting a visit from the mail order brise's oldest son with grandkids and all next week and the Swiss go crazy for Bear garlic in spring, I picked a whole bunch and made Bear garlic pesto.
Never tried it before, since I normally make Genovese, but it was a pleasant surprise.
Looked it up on wikipedia and read this...

Cows love to eat them, hence the modern vernacular name of cows's leek.[6] In Devon, dairy farmers have occasionally had the milk of their herds rejected because of the garlic flavour imparted to it by the cows having grazed upon the plant.[7]

Reminded me of my uncle's cows. They'd feed on onion in the spring, and it would make the milk taste like onion. He made butter out of that milk. Super cool having naturally flavored onion butter. Great on toast.

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