Tree felling vids

Who would continue to argue just about the tree after being volontarly send in such a fall. Never mind the water, he could very well have been killed if it was for real. I think this fact should tend to upset him a little more and change the subject of the conversation.

edit : for real, I mean " non staged"
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Yes I figure it was staged but even knowing that, I still get a kick out if it, it is so ridiculous
Flushcut, that is just awesome, I wished it had better sound quality to make the subwoofer work, but still, the sound is just wonderful.

my youngest daughter and I have this as our favorite sound, its the eastside early guiltyoftreeson vid.

37.30 is a good sound, others as well, but there is music over a bit of it.
Love the young lad Silas when he gets a go on the larger saws too :) hehe 15.40 ish.

Would love to have a go at that, if I ever had the opportunity to travel over the pond to the states, I want to spend a few days with my girls doing that course.
Got me to look. I have to load a different browser for instagram. I've seen that cut demonstrated. While cool, I couldn't think of a good use for it. That was a good use.
And if the wood at the bottom of the groove doesn't split, with a unbalanced or weird shape of the tree, wich tends to rotate hard the trunk when it hits the ground. The tongue can split in half too if the notch is all the way in front for a small diameter (instead of just the two external thirds). I had the both cases in a trial., It was for some mapples with a back lean with the Maasdam and I tried that to relay the brittle wood in the hinge.
You could do both, too, save the rigging from hard work, with a rope back up.

I happened to have used that tongue and groove cut at my current project's location, some years ago to preserve a small, funky, cool doug- fir. They added two more trees, so I'll be there tomorrow.

More training (2 canopy raises for her), and canopy raising on 3 doug-firs for me, then a solo, double-trunk alder tree rigging and wrecking task.

Second picture: lanyard too loose.

20221205_132206.jpg 20221205_132155.jpg 20221204_152310.jpg
Cool pictures Sean. I think you got a really good Lady there.

I am wondering/daydreaming about a race between the tongue in groove specialty faller and the 3/4 inch Sampson Stable Braid log-butt catcher; like, is there anyone out there who believes that the cutter could ever be sharp enough to actually win?
Oh, well...........................................................!

The thing about hinges breaking in cold weather, is in my experience, complete bullshit.
I love the statement "couldn't afford it to go wrong so we need some extra security" the proceeds to butcher the gob, have a decent attempt at chainsaw carving then the stem doesn't even do what he was hoping. Absolute waste of time😄