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This website will get ya pumped to ride

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Yeah it got me pumped up so I jumped on my bike which I hadn't been on in approx 2.5 years and did a couple appts and rode around, maybe 8 or 10 miles, lordy lordy it was soooo much fun, had a peak experience for sure. Psyched to go out early AM next Saturday and go up into the local woods area.
Had my road bike back after spending a day messing about with wheels, freehubs and everything else. Nightmare.
Went out and did 65km. Was great fun and surprised how much I'd missed it after only Mountain biking for a month
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Do you prefer one over the other or are you just happy to have both road and mountain at your disposal
Do you prefer one over the other or are you just happy to have both road and mountain at your disposal

Good question. I got the Road bike in lockdown and loved going out and exploring. Never had a road bike before and probably not ridden any bike for 20 years.
I bought the Mountain bike to have something that I could go out with the girls on and found it was quite nice just going out on different terrain and across fields.
Glad I didn't get a better mountain bike to be honest as I would try jumping off stuff and probably wipe myself out. If I was given a tonne of cash and could buy a dream bike I'd get a road bike so probably lean towards that
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This guy apparently has a cool biking/bike repair site

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I dusted off my steed last couple weekends. So awesome to start at 5.30am with zero traffic on the road and go hard. One thing I like to do in terms of choosing destinations is drive by places I've given estimates to and see if they done it. Usually it's about 50/50. :rockhard:

Killing two birds with one stone
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Also, there's a new show on Netflix re behind the scenes at Tour de France, I've seen one episode and it was very good. We all know that bike racing is dangerous but this show really illustrates it clearly tho without being overly dramatic.

In fact, you probably heard a guy died this week in a high speed crash descending a Swiss mountain in the race that precedes the Tour
Been out on the mountain bike the past 3 weeks, getting my strength back. 14.5 miles on the local roads that rival downtown Beirut in certain spots. This currupt government here just bleeds taxpayers and gets little to nothing done. Would love to get on my road bike, but would have to drive almost 20 mins. away for a less than stellar starting point.
I do a lot of downhill/freeride biking. This is my aluminum love-child, my 2003 Rocky Mountain RM7. It has 7" of front and rear suspension travel. Hydraulic disc brakes of course. 27 speed. My favorite place to bike is Whistler Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. I'm considering selling this bike. It's in great condition despite how many falls I've taken on jumps, drops and shores.(the wooden ladder/boards that are high above the ground that test a rider's balance).

RM7 Bike Picture.jpg

Here are the full specs for my bike: bikes specifications specifications -
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not when you're him