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Blueberry and blackberries are in season.
At the end of my road is a long abandoned commercial blueberry farm. Free picking. I've been clearing overgrowth over the last couple years, improving access. More of that post- harvest season. It's a flooded bog in the wet season.
Before going walkabout I told my neighbour to buy a lot of cashews, parmesan cheese and garlic.
Then I cut all the basil and delivered the whole 10 pds to her.
So they'll have a lot of pesto in the freezer for winter.
I'd like to have been there the first time someone decided that might be food.

* Desperate AF.
* I'll give you two arrowheads and this shiny pebble if you eat that!
* You lost the bet, now you have to eat this!
* C'mon, I bet it tastes just like chicken!
* Dude! You have no idea how drunk you were last night! You ate three of those crawly things out of the river!
How bout get a picture for da House of a nice cold dunk in those absolutely beautiful waters! :rockhard: :drink::|:
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Okay, last check for the year and we'll switch to moose season shortly. Pulled the gear today and ended up with 10 gallons...sort of our normal.


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Just got back from the river for a moose hunt... no moose were harmed but we had some great weather and relaxing. I will have to make more of an effort to get a deer or two I guess now. Here's a few videos of the landscape we hunt in.