How's the splice today?

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I reduce and taper the core tail before burying, and only half way, then make a few short buries, dropping a strand each time.
Thanks for the suggestion. I ordered one. I have plenty of Blue Moon to practice on. If that seems to work well I might get some more Tachyon.
I went all out and ordered all three sizes. There was some kind of supply chain delay and no one in US seemed to have them. They finally arrived this week after about 7 weeks!
I found one on Amazon I thought might come sooner but instead they shipped me a wire fid from the same company. It was not what I ordered but I can always use a really nice wire fid so I kept it. IMG_8600.jpeg
What surface did you photograph on Eric? The wood and nails are interesting.
Our Indianapolis house was built in 1943. It has some kind of hardwood parquet everywhere except the kitchen. When we bought it around 35 years ago it was completely covered in deep shag carpet. We have gradually removed all the carpet. We never got around to removing the flat head nails or refinishing the floor. I suspect that when previous owner decided to carpet, their flooring contractor drove all those nails to firm up squeaky floors.
I rather like the exposed nails. They can be a problem as sock catchers, but I like the way it looks. I also prefer well aged floors. The wear and dirt infused grain give it more character.
When doing an eye splice in polyester double braid which do you do first? Re-insert cover or reinsert core? I started out using Samson instructions which advised cover first. Then I got Nick Arya’s splicing series from TreeStuff which is opposite so I did that for a while. I think Brian Toss and Yale are like Nick. This week when I got the soft fid from Holland I went back to the cover first. Either way, the second one is the most difficult.
I have been working on making a Blue Moon Lanyard. In my past the second bury seemed almost impossible with a Toss Wand. It was still tough but noticeably better with the soft fid from D-Splicer. I wish I had a way to make the final bury easier. I am working on it a little at a time to spread out my frustration. Almost done but not quite! IMG_8602.jpeg IMG_8604.jpeg IMG_8607.jpeg
How do you mark the size of your tight eye? I
mentioned earlier how I struggle with tightly braided lines to run the final bury home. One trick I have resorted to is over sizing my eye a little and then seizing it if needed to hold the carabiner tightly. This adventure I tried to size it perfectly for a thimble. It came out way too small. Not sure why it was too small. I suspect that was one reason I had trouble.
I held the Blue Moon around the thimble and marked it where the rope comes together. Do you add any shrink factor? IMG_8608.jpeg
Now you have to break test it to make sure you did it right, then do four more and break them so you know you're consistent, and then you can work on the one you're gonna use :^P
I simply sieze it, as is tradition, far simpler. That way you can even replace the thimble when it's worn or damaged too, but it's just far simpler to get right. The seizing also protects the rope right where the abrasion is the worst.
@friedrich I am really enjoying the soft fids from The Netherlands. I use them for the second bury even in looser ropes. I use the Toss Wand to pull the soft fid in place.
Today I had run out of looser ropes and I made the mistake of telling myself that this 9 mm Sirius Robline yacht line was only slightly used! Its true I did not use it for more than a few hours but it was in a very dusty environment and I washed it in a machine. The cover had shrunk and become like felt. Never again! The most difficult parts were extracting the core and tapering the cover. The first bury was easy and the second one was acceptable thanks to the soft fid. Now I will see how difficult it will be to run the spice home. IMG_8893.jpeg