How's the splice today?

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3/4" pelican matador, 25000 lb MBS
Both ropes 30ft, one rope got 2 eyes, other one is a dead eye (rope on right, ugly splice, I'm happy with the double eye on the left)

The scale of these splices wasn't apparent till I put a business card next to them!

Made the double eye for pulling my truck out (tow rope), have been using chain but figured it wasn't going to end well one day


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spliced up some loopies out of 1/2 sampson double strand tennex with a DMM pinto rig and spacer.
made one shorter one for light rigging, and a longer one for drt top tie in, will use the adjustable friction saver with rings for ground set and retrieve.

Went to splice in a dead eye in my cougar, but the cross over point moved, and I have to re do it. Grrr

loopie before I lock stitched the end burys.

loopie1.jpg loopie2.jpg
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