How'd it go today?

Once our microwave broke, I was done with the idea of rearranging molecules in my foods and drink to carry me faster into being a cancer patient.
All natural heat now and teaching the kids about the fine art of recreating leftovers.
Isn’t that a myth? I thought it just vibrated the water molecules to generate friction which heated the food?
I will say that the toaster oven makes most food taste better than tossing it into the microwave. But, I don’t use the toaster oven that often because I am hungry and I don’t want to wait the extra 5 minutes. This is because I don’t plan ahead. Make food before you are starving, Mike! Come on man!
It's just microwave radiation, a shorter wavelength than radio waves but longer than infrared. The smaller the wavelength the more dangerous because it carries far more energy, and all 3 of those have a larger wavelength than visible light.
So if I fight my phone long enough, I can get the mobile hotspot turned on, then using my other, older, phone, I can gain access to the interwebs! This is good for morale. Found a few places up in showlow that can fix the borked screen on my Samsung, which I'll need to do even if I want to replace it, since I can't even properly eject the SD card, or transfer the various pictures from internal memory to said card.

So anyway, with a bit of phikery I can YouTube and forum as normal. For now lolz
Got my new microwave. Tharrr be my new kitchenette. Not too shabby, eh? I found that angling the microwave as shown in the picture is the best position for it.

I'm currently waiting on my Wi-Fi router from Comcast. I'll be paying 1/3 the cost per month for speeds that are equal to or better my Wi-Fi in Arizona. Only $45/mo for 12 months. That's pretty darn inexpensive.

My new router is coming through FedEx sometime today. They don't have a package kiosk like my old apartment just mail kiosks, which are tiny. So packages can easily be stolen, which is pretty suspect. Gonna have expensive stuff shipped to my parent's house.

You can see my living space adjacent to my kitchen. I have two doors into my apartment. One from the stairwell and one from the hallway, and I'm on the top floor with only one neighbor to my right. Pretty ideal setup. There's an elevator in the center of the building, but it's small and a bit slow.

Two closets to the right of the hallway and on the left, to the end, is my bathroom. As you can see, I still need furniture. Still browsing around. Might just take the IKEA route. I basically just have my parents (mid-and-late-70s in age) to help me.

Going to their house tomorrow to grab the stuff in those two boxes I sent a few weeks ago, and to see my dog finally! I need a job stat!


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It's still a neat trick when you can just put a tool head on the end of a stick and drive it on by pounding the end of the handle without pounding it all against a hard surface. Someone taught me that when putting an ax blade on a handle, and today it worked on a shovel.
Had to layout a little bridge, and I fell in the creek. I was crossing the stream diversion where they had laid down plastic, and I stepped on what I thought was a covered rock, but was just an air bubble. Got a little wet. Aside from having a wet ass, and being irritated, it felt good. Good day for a swim.
The problem with the hydraulic pump is the plate circle which is an adapter from the bolt pattern on the engine to the conical aluminum mount for the pump was apparently hacked out by hand. I’m sure it doesn’t hold the pump concentric/straight with the engine. He’s lucky nothing else is broken…yet…that we know of. We will make a new plate with the inner and outer locators precision machined in the same operation so that it is perfectly concentric.

The big valves I had installed in the heads for a Pontiac 350 for my ‘71 LeMans…now I need to put the engine together.
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Got up at 6am this morning and then did my first trial run trip to my parent's house (which is adjacent to the bird sanctuary/dog park where I'll eventually be creating new tree climbing content) using public transportation, leaving my place at 8am. My new apartment is only a very quick, 12 minute walk to the North Quincy train station on the Red Line. Waited only 6 minutes for a train going outbound from Boston, which gave me an 8 minute ride to the Quincy Center stop. I then waited aroud 15 minutes for the 220 bus that goes to the Hingham Depot, and rode for about 15 minutes before my stop. Then walked for 5 minutes and I was at my parent's house, with the entrance to the bird sanctuary being a stone's throw away.

The entire trip took basically one hour, but it flew by and, despite the oppressive heat and humidity, it was pretty effortless. I can definitely see myself hauling only what I need insofar as hardware, software, my harness, helmet, cameras (GoPro/phone), and a tripod to the bird sanctuary; all in my big backpack and maybe a second bag to carry by hand if necessary. Especially once the weather cools down. Then I'll need to walk/hike with everything into the sanctuary to some of my favorite trees in secluded spots where I won't get bothered or be seen by park rangers or police who periodically patrol along the paved routes.

I will definitely be waiting until the heat wave ends before I even consider heading out. But today I proved to myself that it is definitely possible and that the trip is very doable. While at my parent's house, I saw my dog, Harry, for the first time since Christmas and he we sooooo excited. He stuck by me like he was my shadow as I repacked all of the climbing gear that shipped from Arizona via UPS into smaller boxes that will fit in my smaller closet. Then I loaded them into my father's car, along with some frozen foods, and various other whatnot, and we drove back to my apartment. Then I hauled everything up to my apartment and now I'm putting all of my gear that I brought over in my suitcases into more boxes that will fit into my closets.

All in all, I have had a very productive day.
What's the cost of that round trip Knotty?

Trying to find you some trees to climb close to home. How about Hobart St Woods? Looks like it's in walking distance. Gets a 4.7* rating on google maps
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What's the cost of that round trip Knotty?

Trying to find you some trees to climb close to home. How about Hobart St Woods? Looks like it's in walking distance. Gets a 4.7* rating on google maps
I'll have to check them out. Looks pretty dense, but that's what I like. Less coppers eyeballing me. Only a half hour walk from my place. Could be promising. Thanks, @lxskllr! I appreciate you taking the time to look! Hard to tell if there are any paths with the summer leaves view. I'll have to check out some fall maps to see what's going on. Might just walk over there myself tomorrow. Have the day off from "moving in" boredom. Even if there is ONE good deciduous tree in those woods, it's on like Donkey Kong! That could be my new spot! When Google says a 30 minute walk, that's more like 20-25 min for me! =-D