That's not incorrect, but spalted wood looks cool, at least imo. I like "Defective" wood. Each piece is unique.
I wish I was artistic. It would be cool leaving carvings in random snags for people to WTF over.
I was just thinking, if he did those lines in 3's it would be art deco...and bang, you lot jumped in!!
May actually do slab width legs in lieu of iron on this one. The legs are still “straight off the mill” in finish. Just trying to get ideas. Keep the live edge on the legs or cut it off? Is it too much of a good thing to have the entire table live edge?


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Dunno. My first inclination is no live edge legs cause it's hard to maintain symmetry, and I think that's a little more important in the base. I'm specifically looking at the sweep that's on each 'leg', but on opposite sides. Hard to say though, and I'm not the best judge of art.
Live edge works for me but Kyle has a good point about moving them in a bit. That might not work for the live edge if the slab is too narrow however?
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You can do the intermediate for the feet : keep the general shape of the live edges for the natural look, but round and smooth them severely. This way, the eyes keep the focus on the main part of the table, fully live edge, but without being hurt by a foreign element like straight feet. An advantage to smooth the feet's edges is a more user friendly contact with the people's knees.