I wish! That is my friend Chuck’s shop. We are finishing his base cabinets. Then we’ll start on mine. His shop was a 16 x 20 ft, old outbuilding. The Amish came in and expanded it to appx 40 x 60 feet. My shop is 24 x 30 feet. When he had his shop enlarged they built right up to and under the forest edge. The root zone damage led to the decline of the seven trees hanging over the back of his shop. I took them down gratis, and since he has more big iron than I have, I can use his shop for items I can’t handle in mine. We are always doing things for each other. It’s not a competition, but it’s one of those friendships that makes true brothers of one another.
Mike and John,
Since you are close if either of you would like that steel table base across from the new cabinets in this photo - it is free to good home. It has a top, but it’s just a piece of chip board, but I know this fellow ‘treeaddict’ who has a mess of slabs ready for a base!! 676970AB-5E36-46EC-B327-BEE480202772.jpeg 🤣
I wish I could do stuff like that. I'd be super pleased with even a fraction of the detail. I have three old locusts left by the drive, and they all need to be removed sooner than later. Leaving substantial stems and carving them would be really cool.
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You could always go with an Easter Island theme on them :D

Not much detail there.
Sad part is, even that's beyond me :^D With enough practice, I could probably create some passable primitive art, but it still wouldn't have soul, and I'd be so burned out from the process, it would be hard to even look at them.