What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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Muddy real muddy! The snow is just about all gone considering we had 16”s in the last two weeks. I might take up mud pie making as a side hustle. I don’t see anybody doing that so it might be lucrative.

50mph gusts. Work was a real hassle. Wires came down at the office. I needed cord to pull them out of the driveway, and boss brought me butchers twine. Not even particularly good butchers twine. It probably already broke. Instead of arguing, he needs to leave the ropework to me, and do whatever it is he does.
45 F and raining here. 15 mph sustained winds and gust up to 36 mph. Every time it starts to dry up enough to move we get precipitation of some sort. Not sure if I’m gonna plant potatoes this weekend
Was a tad chilly with full sun early this morning. I went to get something from my truck and it was snowing pretty good. Now the suns back out and making it inviting to go outside again. I need to get outside no matter the conditions. My M-I-L is coming over
Stay safe!