What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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Just saw your Desert Beaver title 😆.

Hottest day so far. Crack of dawn start.
Working at a government building by the airport, so no noise concerns.
High of 96.
Not to bad with a mid- day break.

Chipped a truckload early.
Cleaned up. Headed out by noon.

Bid at 230 on the shade.
Glad the 100 to 114 degree week went by the way side. Our air conditioner works good though. Humidity was higher than usual right after for a few days. Sometimes how cool summer mornings are means more to me than the afternoon temps. When it's cool at night, the afternoon heat feels short.
Back to 70s-low 80s as highs, after a bit of cooler and damp weather yesterday. Rain would be a stretch of a description. 90s next week.

My GFs AC fan motor froze up during the last heat, last week. Going to figure out the replacement. Looks easy.
Wildfire warnings in Central WA with hot, dry and windy weather this weekend.

Seeing some smoke in Olympia on the we(s)t side.
Ian is going to impact our weather, even starting today as it is a wide storm. The track as of 5 this morning has it passing Key West, to the west as a cat 4. It is going to pass over Cuba first, then charge Up the Gulf of Mexico. we are watching it closely. i bet Mellow is watching too.