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Introduction to forestry...

Probably not that useful to most here, but it looks like it gives a good introduction to someone who has come into possession of a woodlot, and wants to do a good job managing it. Some, but not all articles are downloadable pdfs. I found it doing a search of "felling lever".
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Well you know how freaking smart and capable millwrights are, and this guy likes em, so.....

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Interesting info
Who wants a festive pickled boars head for jul! An article on the popular rise of turkey as the "standard" holiday food...

An interesting view of food in the past. This also stood out...

By the 1920s, advances in food production had led to lower prices across the board. Small farms were absorbed into large ones. Cutting-edge farm machinery arrived. And domestic turkeys, which had once largely resembled their wild cousins, were bred to mature faster and grow to gargantuan proportions – today they often suffer from skeletal problems, because their bones haven't kept pace with their oversized bodies.

A decade later, turkeys were finally affordable to ordinary people – though they still cost about a week's wages

Working a week to get a turkey! We've got it pretty good now. Puts the crying about food prices into perspective...
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Interesting article, thanks for posting.

These 2 excerpts below seemed possibly contrsdictoryr:
"One of the laws of human behavior relates to control, to our tendency to try to simplify life's complexities, just as one might try to straighten and channel an ancient and powerful river."

"We tend to fight nature at our own expense and then blame vengeful gods when things don’t work out. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way: If we pay attention to a set of relatively simple laws of life, we have a much better chance at surviving"