The Official Critter Thread

We had a doe in the back yard yesterday morning...about 12 feet from the picture windows. She watched us drink coffee and watch her back. Healthy looking, just like yours.
They make the morning more enjoyable. Don’t know what I’d do if we had to have neighbors or live in a city.
Same here.

I'm mostly OK with getting old, but thinking about no longer being able to manage our rural acreage, and what the alternative might look like, gives me the heebee jeebeeies.
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Lotta footage here of polar bears being polar bears, sleeping, stretching, scenting, sniffing, stalking, grappling, sliding like a snake, searching, hunting.

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Rats sniffing out land mines :rockhard:💡

Saw tree goose perched at the very top of the snag today. Never seen her do that before. Her mate(?) was on the ground harassing the horse, and the horse wasn't having any of his bullshit. She chased him off over the fence :^D

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@biggun , wondering what your take on this is.

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Installed for the sole purpose of being used as a hunting perch for raptors?
I watched an owl hunt from a pole in my yard one night. I could barely see it, but it swooped down from the pole and pounced on a vole.
Yea, I quit listening to news a couple years ago, but I've been tentatively listening again. I think I'll have to quit again. The classical station is asking for money, so there isn't much on the radio I want to listen to currently.
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I listened to CBS "newsradio 88" for 50+ years, gave it up a couple years ago, fed up with mostly silly ass sensationalized "news"