What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

I'm not sure why I'm not more alarmed about the 100% real cheese statement. I'm like yeah, what other kind of cheese is there? My sister got this for me, as it's well known that I like thin crust pizza.

Some of their pizzas are excellent, and most are at least "acceptable". There's some big name frozen pizzas that aren't nearly as good, but cost a lot more. In general, frozen pizza works best as a thin crust. The closer they try to get to a pizza shop tossed pizza, the worse they are.
Believe it or not there is some sort of fake ish cheese that is often used on pizza
Yep, you can buy Pizza topping here, that never came out of a cow.

I'd post an ingredient list if any of you were fluent in Danish.
Frozen pizza. I only have a picture of the box. It (surprisingly)looked about the same, except mine had a bunch of habanero sauce on it of course...


Here's the ingredient list...


I got these a few times before I realized it was gluten free. This is the best crust I've ever had on a frozen pizza. Last year I tried a gluten free cauliflower crust just to see what it was about. I was expecting crap, but it was near the top for best frozen pizza crusts. Pizza crust seems to be a big exception for "specialty diet alterations". Usually it's "thing you really like but shitty", but these might even be better than the real thing. I've been super impressed with gluten free frozen pizza.
I have not. Melindas isn't super common around here. I'm starting to see it more, but it still isn't widespread. I do like their habanero sauce, and I'll get a few bottles when I see it. What I usually get is Wegmans brand habanero sauce. It's a chunky sauce from Costa Rica. I'm pretty sure it's made by Tropical Pepper Co, or whoever makes the sauce for them.
Did a gren risotto.
I got the recipe from my sadly dead neighbour, a blacksmith and metal worker and excellent cook and baker.
Especially Italian stuff.

Risotto with green asparagus, parsley, basil and mint leaves.

Had the first greens out of the garden as a salad.
Spinach, iceberg lettuce, radishes and spring onions.

It was sooo good, I'm still smiling.
A can of Wegmans brand Italian wedding "soup" and some cheese toast(Italian bread and Appenzeller cheese). Why the quotes on "soup"? The can was a solid mass of pasta with some meatballs and carrot pieces in it. Almost no liquid. I had to add water to heat it up, and the flavor was kind of sparse. I added black pepper and some rosemary salt I got today, which improved it, but it was still a huge mass of pasta. I don't know how that even happens. I ate about ¾ of it, but I think the rest will have to go on the compost pile.
Cheese & crackers tonight. Haven't eaten much today. My stomach's still messed up and I'm trying to keep things bland and simple. Leksands crispbread and Manchego cheese. I kinda wanted Jarlsberg cheese, but I guess I ate it. I couldn't find it in the fridge.

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