Tree felling vids

Any of youse ever use a plumb bob like them fallers out west? I keep meaning to try it.

I never carried a plumb bob, but I have used my clinometer, hanging from it's lanyard.

More often I used my faller's axe...hold the axe at the end of the handle, pinched between thumb and first finger. If you hold it at the correct spot so the head is centered weight-wise, the straight handle (rafting axe style) hangs perfectly plumb.
We’ve had this one before Steve.
Apart from it being pointlessly big, the most obvious error is the groundy in line with piece.
He could just as easily be off to the side and walking normally today.
Why? Dear gods, Why? I expect no answer, and deserve none, but I am yet compelled to ask, O, ancient ones, Why?

It's always a simple, foreseeable thing, that's what brings all these videos together, what unifies them in stupidity.
Why did that guy even have that harness on? It wasn't even buckled
Maybe it was the roofers. That would explain the matching shirts. They were putting up a roof on the neighbor's property, someone mentioned the tree, and they said, "Yea, we can do that" :^D
That's alarming. The only good way to spin that is they're landscapers out of their element. Making their living in trees is appalling.