Tree felling vids

Tree is down. Nobody hurt or even in danger. My vote is a good drop. Yall can gripe about pavement, but it don't mean a thing. Yall hit potholes on the daily, just like me. Maybe that trunk left a dent, so what, what are taxes Fir anyway?

Maybe I'm jaded, but it looked a fine felling to me. Who cares, it's just blacktop anyway, not like he smashed a porch...
If there was damage your insurance company might think differently plus any fines the municipality decides to add on. Possible loss of reputation and or business license with the municipality. Then there’s the inconvenience you brought to the neighborhood by adding a new pothole that didn’t previously exist. Now your company is “that asshole”. Then the inconvenience of the repairs that will probably take a week or more. I get paid to not damage shit as a tree guy otherwise I’m just an unskilled hack.