Tree felling vids

Who else could it be? The faller's running the show, and directing the operation. Even if it was a failure with the pullers, the faller chose the pullers, so it's still his fault.
The only out the faller might have is if there was a site supervisor who runs the show who doesn't know what they are doing but has the authority to order who does what and when.

I have seen this happen on fireline work, in one example that comes to mind.

In a case like this, the faller should decline to do the job as directed...but may not really be able to do so, if the boss is a jerk as well as an idiot. People have lost jobs for less.
Nothing but anchored pull systems. Free pull is folly. If there's reason to pull it there's reason to safety restrain it. Else just let it go backwards - if you can't, you know the proper conclusion. IMO

Just did a backlean calculation - 8000 lb spar 24" 40 ft tied mid developed 1000 lbs pull at 6 degrees backlean. Big force in a hurry1 Pre tension too!
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Just get enough people pulling.
That is how they buildt the bronce age graves here.
Some of the top rocks are over 20 tons.
They were going to set a rock like that up as a landmark in Lejre.
Decided to do it right.
Buildt a sled and had all 120 kids from the local school pull.
Worked a charm.
I've pulled 3 Elm trees like that. One with a bout 30 teenagers from the international school in Copenhagen.
Huge tree, the kids loved it.

I did, unlike this guy, use a hinge and backup wedge.
IMO odds of popping a rope are less than popping a back leaning hinge. More cautious option. IMO. 30 x 150 lb teenager x50% = 2250 lb people winch :)
Favor for a neighbor, 'Brother Charlie'. Used it as an opportunity to work in one side of it while she worked the other side. Her trunk was her second full climbing removal , second non- vertical/ non-conifer climbing work, previously having deadwooded a large flowering cherry tree. First spur work was up a decent-sized cedar. Maybe 70'-80'... the wind started blowing pretty good when she was halfway up it, and decided it was enough of an initial foray.



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Help me out here. What was wrong in that video? If the answer must be condescending, I'm okay with that.
Help me out here. What was wrong in that video? If the answer must be condescending, I'm okay with that.
In the first one, the eucalyptus went with the limb weight towards the road instead of towards the skid steer. Maybe intentionally, we can’t see his hinge gun/aim, but I think not. I sure wouldn’t drop it anywhere near the road. I would have had the pull point closer and more opposite the lean. Maybe 180 to the lean if possible. Euc is brittle and doesn’t hinge, I deal with it a lot, and being in San Diego they do too. I would also have adjusted my gun and done a gap face, sizwheel, Dutchman, etc., or dropped the limb off first.

The second one I don’t have much comment on other than I would probably have just dropped the tree but who knows without seeing the whole situ.

Last one the guy is under the lean while cutting.

They seem pretty decent at arborist work but their felling could use some help. In another post there is a big fat barber chair. I think they pull too hard too soon. Never see any wedges either.
I guess now we can pick on me:

The first one leaned left so I adjusted the gun a little right…everything I had been cutting was pretty punky and not holding. I’m used to brittle hard leaning desert trees. These were a lot of fun cuz one could actually do stuff with them without pulling. So anyway, of course the right side held hard all the way at down and brushed that other tree.