The RIP Thread...

Good Hell's Angels stories above!

RIP Jerry Lee Lewis.

I'm not a rock historian but he's gotta be somewhere around the numero uno R+R wild man.

Jerry Lee was also inducted into the country music hall of fame & had a fairly extensive repertoire of gospel as well.

One of my favorite singers.
The last few weeks has been a bit of a killer.

Terry Hall - The Specials
Maxi Jazz - Faithless
Pele - Brazilian Footballer
Vivienne Westwood - UK Fashion designer
Stephan Bonner - UFC Fighter and Legend of the sport.

I saw him back in the 80s with Stevie Ray Vaughn. I honestly didn't like what he was doing at that point. It was some kind of avant garde metal, but he was a talented guitarist.
Indeed. Then Jed. I was literally skocked thursday evening when I learned the bad news here, from a strange post, not really saying it but looking like a funeral oration. Sure enougth, it was effectively that.
I wanted to know what has happened and I found the story on the site of his buddy "guilty of treeson".
Shocked. I stayed on my chair for a while, no moving at all and barely thinking...
RIP Jed.