The Official Work Pictures Thread


How does the Russian forum contrast and compare to the TreeHouse?
I don't use it but would if I had one. I thought it was interesting that Max chipped away the basal bark before he climbed instead of after climbing
The conservation guys cut a diseased American Elm at the MIL's this winter and left a higher stump in the snow so I went and ALAP'ed it this morning. It wasn't perfect but she was more than happy at the potential for a little end table project. Don't mind the baldness, my wig is at the cleaners.
Screenshot 2023-05-20 132424.png
I wasn’t so sure where to put this but if you have mats you need one and they are handy. Handy hook
IMG_1954.jpeg IMG_1955.jpeg
These are the 3 foot hooks I used to hold back a mat to a fence. I keep a four footer in the back of the 3/4 ton for pulling stuff to the tail gate. They easily save 50% of the effort in moving mats. A simple tool but worth its weight in gold.
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