The Official Work Pictures Thread


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Mar 6, 2005
The other thread got full (?) so here we go again!

Nothing fancy, but I have the camera here, just after getting some "after" pics.

Removed 6 trees from near the barn and canopy raised 4. Cleared out some other trees in front of what will be a goat house/ enclosure.

Cleared out a row of trees that was between the house and a now gone quonset hut, canopy raising some cedars and fir for a view out to the pasture and creek.
P1110915.jpg P1110916.jpg P1110918.jpg P1120012.jpg P1120009.jpg P1110926.jpg P1120007.jpg
We have a lot of lombardy's in the rural areas around here too. For some reason, they spook me out... Last one I pruned, we ziplined out 40' tip-tied deadwood sections. Talk about sh-t everywhere.
They only last about 30 years here and get maybe 50ft at most. I have never seen one anywhere near 100ft tall. What a crappy tree!
Friday's lunch money job.

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Yes, but I'm just waiting for the buyer to come pick it up. Haven't used it for tree work since 09 or 10.
As Scott gets older we might get another lift, but for at east the next 5-10 years I figure he'll be climbing. Maybe longer with the Wraptor, I don't really have a frame of reference. Me using a lift would harm my working relationship with him, thus there is no advantage to me unless there is advantage to him. Lastly I can make more money on the ground than in the tree by a large margin.
Thanks, Stephen. Waiting for parts to come in for the hexacopter so I can add another dimension to the footage. I can easily see another 2 GoPros being helpful.
Are you asking about my current lift? It was ran hard and generally mistreated by a 19-23 year old fella and I wouldn't have it on my job site these days.