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Sounds about right! :rockhard:
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Geez that was interesting, thx for posting. Excerpted from a book, the blurb of which says it is a cross between Born to Run, The Stranger in the Woods, and Into the Wild, which are 3 books I've read and think very highly of.

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Which reminds me of a Q I've always had- if you are up in an insulated bucket during a thunder storm, does the boom insulation offer any protection from a lightning strike?
I think it could...the rubber tires of an automobile are supposed to protect from grounding, so protect people inside from lightning. Certainly not sure about either case.
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Yes, that car info was also noted in the lightning article.
You'd probably be ok if lightning struck a nearby tree, but considering lightning goes through the trouble of taking a roundabout way to the ground miles long, it won't even notice the insulating effects of the boom, and may strike it.
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Nobody thought that was interesting? Hmm

Here's a rad thing re the universe. I suspect watching it on a puter rather than a phone would be optimal

I just glossed over the artillery article. I wonder how close you can be to the gun with shielding setup? Seems like an ideal job for a robot. Maybe keep the humans 100' away, and operate the guns electronically?
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Good thinking re robots.

the article basically said certain troops were asked to go hard via mass quantity of artillery shots against isis, many X's more than normal amount of artillery rounds. All those shock waves apparently micro-shredded parts of the soldiers brains causing super weird mental problems and lots of suicides.
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the links I posted are free links and can be read by all :rockhard: