How many of you carry a knife?

  • Always

    Votes: 28 66.7%
  • Never

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Only when I think I might need one

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • Only when I know I will need one

    Votes: 4 9.5%

  • Total voters
It came yesterday. Nice!
Damn near drew blood getting it out of its wrapper.
Bigger than it appeared in pictures. Nice weight. See how she preforms in meat and hide. Preferably, not mine. Sheath is tough as well.View attachment 123665View attachment 123666
Those are a chunk of knife
I really like that steel and they make some great looking custom knives also just pricey.
For 50 beans, that looks like a fine deal, looks like it'll last a lifetime even with heavy use.

I don't need one but hmmmm.

This thread rocks :rockhard: :rockhard:
For me, being a vegetarian, a knife is foremost a weapon.

In 1978, my best friend, whom we buried yesterday..........cancer victim, showed me his new knife.

When I held it, it fit my hand as if it was born there.

So I went and bought one.
It was on my belt for 2 decades, wore through 2 sheaths, which I had rebuildt by leather workers.
Came close to killing a guy in a bar and 2 mexicans.

When I worked in Idaho, it amazed the guys that I could skin 2 deer withouth rehoning it.

One hell of a knife.

When I thought I was moving to Schweiz, I gave it to my partner,Richard.

Lots of knives and hunters in Schewiz.

My plan was to leave EVERYTHING behind.
Just take the truck and my saws, climbing gear and those few books I can't live without.
Sell or dump everything else.

When I was 19 I hit the road.
Hitchhiked and worked my way around the World for 10 years, then tried to emigrate to California.
So I learned not to get hung up on owning stuff.

I bet if you ask Fiona, who sailed the World for 10 years, you'd get the same response.
Katy cut up a bunch of aged bull calf today a I let her use my recent aquisition. She was pleased. Held an edge pretty well considering she did the hind quarters and ribs. Fit her hand well.
I saw these kizer
For 50% off for the carbon fiber or green scaled versions

Plus they gave me a additional 10.00 off gift card for some reason
So it was 25.00
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Gave my friend for her birthday a eafengrow cleaver it's that small tanto flipper 3" blade in my earlier pic she loves it
She's a vet tech and is tiny with tiny girl pockets on her jeans but that knife suites her perfectly
She always needed a knife
She treats large animals horse's,cattle.
Well the Morakniv arrived last week. Feels great in the hand and solid in construction. No had a chance to use it in anger yet but may go for a walk up the woods tomorrow and have it with me.

Looking forward to giving this thing a whirl.

4B63F3B1-4A67-4EE5-ADA2-E1A2FD1A669E.jpeg 6F71DB78-DBC8-49E1-97C4-92EB272D9164.jpeg
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Mora knives seem to be in a class by themselves re low price and high quality