Whats blooming?

I've seen pics of desert flower events. Looks cool to me, but I bet it's really special when you live there. Going from shades of tan most of the year to an explosion of color. That's the kind of stuff I'd take off work to look at.
We should have seen ossoberry start to bloom weeks ago...nada. Trillium and yellow violet should be starting now...nada. Too cold and wet.
I don't think it's azalea. It's got mahogany colored leaves that persist through winter.

I found a Delaware white azalea also that year. It had an explosion of blooms, and then we had that nasty hot dry spell, and it died. Kinda pisses me off. I've generally had a Darwinist approach to plant care. I figure if they can't handle survival on their own, they don't deserve survival. I'm not used to paying attention to weather in the context of plant health. I wish I had paid attention in that case, and gave it some water. It was a nice bush I got free.
Good call! Maybe I never did figure out what it was, cause that name isn't familiar in this context. Most of what I found that time were various viburnum species. I also got a boxwood I planted on the farm, and a forsythia I took home.
I saw these lovlies today...


I wanted to take them with me, but I couldn't get a shovel in the ground. Too many rocks and roots. I'd have destroyed them. I got a nearby clump that wasn't as nice looking. It was a rough extraction, but I think they're ok. I like taking a whole plug out, so they don't even know they've moved, but it isn't always possible.
The pale yellow(almost white) is what really attracted me to those. Almost all the ones I have are bright bold yellow. I have some pale ones under the maple tree, but it's a small clump. I want to get some variety in the yard.
My sad weeping cherry...


I don't like to even look at it too long cause I'm afraid it'll push it over. There's one slender column hanging on for dear life. The tree will stay til it quits getting green in the spring. Not much to it anymore, but it still gets pretty flowers.