Whats blooming?


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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
ive always wanted to keep track of when things bloom around here. thought it might be a good thread to keep track of which trees are doing what in your neck of the woods.
early march and the maples are covered in blossoms here
Some fruit trees are started to bud up here. Might get a late frost though so not good that they are. First things to really turn green up here are usually Buck Eye and Poison Oak. Buck Eye is starting to leaf at 1000 feet and budding here now. And the Elderberry have started also.
The silver maples are already in bloom but no one other than tree geeks have noticed. I have thought about keeping a bloom almanac too.
Day lillies are peeking through the ground .If it stays warm the trees will start within the week I imagine .

The male robins haven't arrived yet so spring has not officially sprung .
Oranges are just starting to bloom here. There's nothing like the smell of orange blossoms filling the air. ;)
A few blooming idiots, but most everything else is still hunkered down under a couple feet of snow, waiting for summer.
My azaleas and bottlebrush



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Nothing blooms here!
It is still winter.
"My" starling came back from Africa today though and was sitting outside his ( her?) nestingbox singing, so spring should be right around the corner.
Tiger lilies, roses, and more azaleas!

I'm glad you started this thread. I take this stuff for granted, but now that I'm looking around, there's all kinds of things in bloom. :)


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The mud is in full bloom around here, but it'll be frozen by morning. I'll keep you posted on any new developments.
Mud's not too bad here....yet. Silver maples, elms, forsythia, pretty soon road will be filled with bud casings. I had a chart of sequence of bloom for my area including of appearance of insects but only see it when I am not looking for it.
Oh yes we have mud .Frozen like a rock in the morning ,you sink to your ankles by 3 PM . These are the temp changes that really get the maple sap to rise for the syrup makers .
maple, willow, elm, alder, bradford pear:X, among others.....about to freeze again here though:/:
red buds just started and the bradfords are in full bloom as are the gardenia. maples are budding