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I had an absolute horrible thing happen today.
Went to visit my old neighbour some 45 minutes away.
Thais got tired of her pup, so I put him in the truck, with the door open as always.
He is trained to never leave the truck without being whistled out.
I closed the door and went home, only to Thais.
Called ahead and set a new land speed record Tolstrup to Roskilde.
With a pulse of 300 and complete adrenaline overload.
He has always been a complete idiot around cars, so as I came into Roskilde, I started looking for dead white dogs on the road.

Came down to my old neighbour, she had been out searching with her dog, no luck.

As I was talking to her, Thais came running up to us.
He had recognized the truck.

I think that when I went out to the truck, he has heard me and thought I called him.
Then we have been on opposite sides of the truck and never seen each other as I took off.

It is now 3 PM and there is no way I'm going to be able to fall asleep.
I'm still completely revved up.
The trees will have to fell themself tomorrow.

But I got my dog back :)