Songs I Like

Haiduk - Sea of Fire

That was pretty good even though I don’t get into much black metal. I like the death metal from the 80s through to about 2010. I suppose because it was what I listened to growing up. Sepultura (up to the Arise album), first Brutal Truth album, Napalm Death, all the Death albums, Carcass, Obituary. The thrash and speed metal of that era was a listening staple as well. Maybe a little power metal thrown in there too.
A reviewer said, "If you haven't heard this, you probably make a career out of living under rocks. It tells the story of an obsessive fan who kills themselves because their idol (Eminem) never writes back"

Well, I'm considering my new career cuz I just heard this song and yeah, it's pretty cool.

Fwiw I definitely like listening to stuff like this when I'm facing a mountain of paperwork. Drumming