Songs I Like

Dunno. There's a million subcategrories of electronic music, and I don't know the precise names of the styles. Right or wrong, I'd call it techno or EDM as a general term.
If you like electronic music, checkout some of the channels here...

I listen to the downbeat, ambient type stuff, but they have more upbeat channels also.
Not really, mainly cause i haven't really sat and listened much cause I've been listening to different stuff. I can't really do the work radio where I've been working at, headphones aren't really practical either, so the drive to and from are about the only time i have, and that's used to wake me up before work or chill out before dad duty lol.
I listened to Opeth a few times via friend's cassettes and the local metal station (WSOU; Seton Hall university; funny that a Catholic School has a radio station focused on metal and hardcore). Never really grabbed my attention, and after listening to these 2 posts, still doesn't really do it for me. Oh well.
Yo, I bet you like this song just like I do plus 664m other kind folks. I linked this guy's wiki page because he is unbelievably accomplished- vet who saw combat, pilot, world class musician, college degree with honors in aerospace something.

This version is vastly superior to album cut selected. I can't imagine what they were thinking. This was released years later as part of a "bootleg" set...

The album cut :rollseyes:

Beatlesesque, but it reminds me specifically of a band I can't quite put my finger on. I used to really listen to, and be fairly knowledgeable regarding ≤ early 70s classic rock, but I quit listening quite a few years ago, and lost a lot of the knowledge I accumulated. That's gonna drive me nuts trying to figure it out :^D
Chit mang, Jeff Beck was a monster whenever he chose to be. RIP Jeff.

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